Sofa rebuild

So the story is, I was taking some colleagues down to the Isle of Wight festival, and 2 of them were very large men. At some point on the journey back one of them said they had felt the sofa ‘give’ when I braked hard. I hadn’t braked hard, so I was unsure what he meant but when I looked, the frame of the sofa had been ripped out of the wall and flattened and snapped down onto the floor. 
I can only assume that given his massive bulk, he does not know how to carry himself and plonked himself down on the sofa without regard to what his weight may do. 

Anyway, later I discovered that the other sofa had suffered the same fate from the other guy, although not as catastrophic as the battery box and gas cupboard had acted as struts for the frame and prevented it from snapping and hitting the floor like the first one. 

It’s taken me months to get round to fixing them partly as I was so busy with other things, and partly because I imagined it to be a very difficult job. I am absolutely hopeless with a saw and can’t cut a straight line to save my life. However…this month I got round to doing one.

I was fed up of not being able to put the bed up, and fed up of it just being broken so as I had a week off work I decided to take the bull by the horns. It turned out to be time consuming, it took me 2 full days to finish it off. But part of that was not knowing how to dismantle the sofa in the first place and taking my time to make sure I did a good job given my lack of wood working skills. 

Now I don’t do videos normally but a friend asked me to see pictures of the job. I had only taken a couple so I made a video of the completed job, explaining a little bit about what I did. Here it is for your enjoyment. 
I would say that the bed is now 10 times more reliable and sturdy than when I bought the van, it was sooooo badly made and weak that to be honest I am very surprised it hasn’t broken before now just with my weight. 
Anyway, here it is, comments welcome.

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