An extra about Lloyds garage

You may remember I raved about Lloyds garage finally fixing my welding? Read it here…

Well while the van was getting the brakes rebuilt the mechanic said they’d had a debate about my van as there was so much rust underneath as to make it almost dangerous to drive. I said that can’t be true as it’s only just been done and had an MOT by Lloyds garage. So they showed me underneath. 
Lloyds the lying, cheating scumbags had barely done any welding work at all. The chassis where the suspension strut fixed was still corroded almost right through, and the sill was literally holed right along the length of it and it was only the black paint Lloyds had put on that was holding it together. 

To cut a long story short, after 3 trips back to Lloyds to get the welding done, it still wasn’t done. And when I finally met the boss and explained what had happened he made some cryptic comment about “Thanks for letting me know, now I have something to work on. ”
I think that was a sly way or pretending that he was trying to catch a dodgy welder, when in fact he knew all along the welding had not been done, and didn’t offer to redo the work or refund my money. Lloyds of Wingate you are cheats and liars. 

I had some welding done by a local man at the local auto factor, but finally found a welder who could bring all the work up to standard and while he seems to have done a decent job, I shall wait a while before I recommend him. The level of most garages these days is absolutely appalling.