Talacre, North Wales

I’ve been knocking around North Wales for a little bit, and I knew from a post in a motorhome forum there was an abandoned lighthouse just sitting on a beach, starting to lean a little as it sinks into the sand. 

So I set off looking for it and managed to get some OK weather to take a few shots of it. 

The beach was amazing so I decided to wander around there for a while, jack was particularly loving the high dunes to explore in, and the flat expanse of beach to run around on.

I took a handful of pictures but felt like I’d want to come back another time with different weather and take some more. 

Here’s a few to give you a flavour. 


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A woman braves high winds, rain squalls and low tempartures to walk her dogs on Talacre beach, North Wales.

Adverc and Manbat are companies that I will avoid from now on.

I am incensed.

I went to Adverc’s unit to find a chap there who wanted to look at how my system was wired up, what charger I had etc and decide if my system was appropriate for what I was doing. He found that I was doing things by the book and that I had state of the art charging units form Sterling Power, that in fact can handle almost unlimited sized battery banks, rather than being the simple, less than affective chargers it had been suggested I had by Manbat.

Instead of using thin cable, I had spent a lot of money on 35 mm sq cable and bought a blowtorch to solder lugs onto the cable to ensure that the whole system was well built. I also had taken into account the length of all cables and other ideas for a ‘best practice’ system. So, on the strength of that they decide to fit my 2 new batteries. Only 2? Yes because the 6 Numax’s were 86 ahrs each, but these monoblocs were 242 ahrs each. So i had 516 ahrs total capacity with the Numax’s, and 484 ahrs with the Monoblocs, which is near enough for me.

However, as they went to put them in the van for me I asked them to check the voltage. Hmm. They WERE 6 volts, which means I need 2 of them to achieve 242 ahrs. Plus, their cost is about £120 each, therefore less than half what I had spent on the Numax’s. I’m losing out badly here!
I made it very plain that I was not accepting only 2, as they could later say I had agreed on that and I would not get another pair. Andy got on the phone to someone at Manbat and told me they replied that they would not give me 2 more batteries.

I left then, feeling extremely angry, I was going to take legal action. Companies can’t just rip people off like this!