Power to the people!

After several discussions with Brian at Adverc about what kind of batteries I ought to have, I have had delivered today 6 brand new batteries from Manbat Bristol, they are Numax CXV XV24MF sealed lead acid batteries, and Brian reckons they’re just what I need. They’re 85 ahrs capacity so that’s a total of 510 ahrs. Lets hope my power problems are over 🙂

Almost £500 in total so lets hope this solves my power problems once and for all!

I was staying with friend sin Wiltshire so they came from the Bristol branch of Manbat. I had to ring them to find out the charging regime, as there was no notes with the batteries but hey ho, I hold out great hopes for them now 🙂

Read into this what you will…

After a full year of deliberating, I finally decided to buy myself a present, and as I was visiting my friends Ellie and John in Wiltshire, it was delivered today to their house. This is it:

A book
A book?

A book I hear you ask? Well yes, and if you notice, a little dog eared too, it’s not even a new book. The most obvious wear is the base of the spine. However, it’s a very nice book . The picture in the middle is actually a page inside, and the ‘window’ is cut out of the card of the book cover. Along with the gilt lettering  think it’s a lovely design and when I was young, I probably would have read this just cos I liked how the book looked.

The story was made into a film of the same name, and it’s the only film of the few I’ve seen with Jim Carrey where I felt he fitted the role, and was able to act. Usually he’s just an idiot. Anyway, marvellous film which I thoroughly enjoyed, although I must be honest and say I didn’t read the book.

Why buy it then I hear you ask…well, here’s the revelation:

My Kindle
It’s a Kindle!

It’s a book, but it’s also a cover for my Kindle! I bought the book in Devizes in a second hand shop for a quid. Chosen purposefully for it’s size and the fact it’s a fairly robust hardback.  Why? Simple. You seen the price of covers for Kindles? Bloody disgusting, I refuse to pay it. But I wanted a way to protect my Kindle and also disguise it. Hiding it in a book was the perfect answer.

Kindle packaging
Insert from the Kindle packaging

Making it was simple. A small smear of PVA glue on each page, from a large bottle I bought in Poundland, left to dry, then the hole cut out using a craft knife from a set I bought in Poundland. The white frame you can see is from the original Kindle packaging. I used that as a template to carve the pages out, then used more PVA to glue it into place. I deliberately left as much margin without glue as I could at the edges of the pages in order for it to look more realistic when it’s closed.

It’s a little rough and ready as I rushed it, but it certainly works. In use it’s fine, although I may glue a little Velcro at the top and bottom as sometimes if I carry it by the spine it can fall open.

Yes I know, don’t carry it by the spine! :p



My Kindle
My Kindle!

For those of you who haven’t seen one, this is what the Kindle looks like. The screen is about an inch small than a standard paperback size, which is a shame, but it’s light enough and easy enough to operate and as you can see from even this small picture, easy to read.

If the battery lasts a month then they must have measured that by reading no more than 1 hour per day or something, as it lasts me about a week to a fortnight. I do read a lot though.  I’m currently reading the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant again as I’ve juts got the last 3 books in e-book format.

I’m quite amazed at myself as I love books so much: the smell, the feel, the glorious covers, the ease of navigation. However, the only thing I do miss on the Kindle is the ease of whacking back a few pages to check something. It’s fairly easy to do, but not as quick as a real book. This is of course offset by the positives such as, a built in dictionary. With the press of a button you can find the definition of any word.  I’m totally and utterly sold on it already and I don’t know why it took me a year to buy one!

Ps: If you buy any brand of E-reader, you need a free program called Calibre!