Still living in a house

I’m still here! But have to say not enjoying it now. Some of the personal reasons I wanted to come off the road for a while have been resolved and my friends don’t visit now due to the mafia scandal. Speaking of which, they almost caught him so he has moved out taking the Lithuanian girl with him. No-one knows where they’ve gone.

The house manager is acting bizarrely: continually making new silly rules up and challenging us for daft things. She refuses to call my dog Jack using Jackson instead, and constantly tells me to stop looking at her cos I don’t stand a chance with her. I would rather have sex with a soapy sponge than her!

Another Russian has moved in, and she has her sights firmly set on becoming involved with one of her supervisors at work. Apparently the mafia will leave her alone if she does…

Three ancient buildings in Wisbech have been burned down over the last few weeks. Some say they were insurance jobs, some say it was the mafia as protection wasn’t paid. Who knows. Two of them were listed so maybe it was a way of getting them out of the way to redevelop?

Wisbech market square, which sometimes smells of stale urine
Wisbech market square, which sometimes smells of stale urineĀ 

I was sitting in Wisbech market square today with a sandwich. It was market day and the sun was out and it was really nice. Except the stench of stale urine was overpowering. It’s such a lovely little market town but that’s not the first time I’ve smelled pee, and not the first time I’ve seen groups of East Europeans getting drunk in the public gardens at 8 am. There have been a couple of stabbings in town lately and one guy who was beaten to death, so the town is off limits for me now.