Home is where the heart is?

For various reasons I have decided to rent a room in an old mansion house in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. It’s been very grand in the past, but sadly it’s falling apart now as it hasn’t really been looked after. The grounds are overgrown and the house is neglected. Nevertheless it’s still a nice enough place to rent, and the huge gardens means Jack can live in a kennel in the gardens during the day and in my room with me during the night.

This is a view of my rooms windows from the drive:

The Mount
The Mount

It used to be a recording studio the owners proudly informed me, with the likes of Sting and U2 recording there. They point to boxy art on one of the walls as evidence, although there isn’t really any evidence that it was used as a recording studio but that’s irrelevant anyway. What’s more interesting is that the guy who lives next door spent most of his life ‘working for the government’ in Russia. He dislikes the house and the people in it I am told and the owner Mary dislikes him. No idea why, it all sounds quite petty to me.

Anyway, here’s a view of my room:

My room at the Mount
My room at the Mount

You can see the stripey boxes I was talking about which are remnants of the soundproofing apparently. It’s large enough and light and airy. Which is just as well as the lights are unreliable. All of the windows on the ground floor are sealed shut. Apparently this was to prevent people who rented a room opening their windows at night to let other people in. I’m sure it is a major fire safety hazard but I’ve already spent a morning unsealing one of the sash windows in my room.

The garden
The garden

This photo is taken just at the top of the drive with my windows on the left. You can see Jack’s new kennel at the foot of the beech tree. £40 it cost me *mutter mutter*
The beech tree is awesome and the garden has a few spotlights to show it off at night. These don’t work of course, like a lot of things lol

Never mind. It’s all bills including internet and I have a little ‘office’ on one side of the house with French doors opening onto the garden, so it’s a lovely environment for working in.  Also there’s a short drive in front of the garage where I can park the camper, so all is well.

So far there’s a woman running from her abusive husband living there with her 14 year old daughter, a Russian woman who is usually either drunk or on drugs but causes no bother, a Lithuanian woman who is painfully gorgeous to look at and a pleasant enough person to chat to too, a young local man who’s recently split with his wife and the woman who manages the place for the owner, who is recently escaped from a cult who used to abuse her. So, a canny mix of people then!

The kitchen is enormous and 3 people can cook a full meal easily without getting in each others way, and the conservatory is large with lots of furniture so tends to be where we all hang out. Only the manager person ever watches TV which is in a sitting room large enough for 6 people. The rest of us chatter in the conservatory or the dining room which seats 8 at a push.

The conservatory
The conservatory

This is the view of the conservatory as seen from the rear of the garden. It leaks badly and is neglected, but it’s a light and airy place to meet and chat most evenings.

It’s odd being in a house again, but as it’s so big it feels better and although I’ve only been here a few days it’s OK so far. How long that lasts is anyone’s guess!


Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Since returning to the UK in October I haven’t really posted that much here, but then not much really has gone on. I’ve been pursuing my GP to get my health sorted, but that’s just not working out so I’m looking forward to changing my GP.

I’m in the process of moving down to Wisbech now and renting a room, and potentially giving up this roaming lifestyle. So that’s taking some of my time up and I’m seriously considering going back to the probation service as my current job doesn’t offer a real living wage.

More soon.

Leaving the road . . .

Stopping smoking has got the better of me. After numerous visits to the GP and one to a vascular surgeon at the local hospital, I’ve decided to rent a room somewhere and take some time off to recover. 

The short version is that stopping smoking has started some physical issues linked to both the use of cigarettes for so many years, and the sudden and instant withdrawal.  Surgeon says he would expect me to get worse before I improve, and final health may be as much as 5 years away.

I really have no idea what I’ll be like in a house, but I need the stability for a while, so I’m looking at a large room in a big house in Wisbech close to friends.

I’ll certainly keep this site updated.