Computer printers . . .

OK just for those who don’t know, but also to save me being asked another 5,000 times.

I have had both Epson and HP (Hewlett Packard) printers over the years, midrange and top of the range of both.

HP in my opinion exceeds what Epson can only dream of doing.

In my experience, buying an Epson printer is about as sensible as setting fire to a wad of £20 notes in an ashtray just to keep your fingers warm.

That’s just my personal opinion with no malice, based on experiences of buying printers since my first one, which was an Epson, back in 1992.

Buying an HP printer means you can thankfully say goodbye to printing problems, and say hello to printing out what you really want to.

Grr!! Technology!!

I try to download the new update for iTunes from 4 different websites and the same thing happens: it stops downloading anywhere from 20 to 43 meg into the 93 meg download.

I try to contact Canon regarding my camera and a fault, their website is down.

I try to use my dongle on my Acer which now has Windows 7  installed, it doesn’t work.

I find it very scary that we are beginning to depend so much on computers, but we still can’t make the software work properly. It’s extremely worrying I think.