No more flies!

Fly trap
Fly trap

Yes my friends, this small, sun-like disc of sticky plastic is my new best friend.

This is the chemical warfare of the future.

This is the thing that will release me from my daily burden.

This my friends, is Fly Death Star!

I sit each and every night in the heat, frustrated that I have to open the windows because I know THEY will invade. I despise flies and why scientists haven’t found a way to make them extinct I don’t know. They serve no purpose!!

I actually sat one night, covered in insect repellent, a tin of RAID spray in my hand, trying to squirt each and every one of them as I worked on the laptop.

So I set off looking for one of those tape type fly-catchers, a spiral of sticky stuff that hangs from the ceiling and traps the unwary fly for eternity in a gooey death. I never did find one but, I did find these stickers from RAID. I don’t know what they do because they’re in French but, I saw the name RAID and thought they’ll do.

So the idea is you stick them on your window, and they keep the flies away. Yeah right I thought, but I’ll try anything once so I put one at the front  and one at the back.

Now here’s the weird bit. They are only slightly sticky, so there’s no flies stuck to them, but there’s been no flies in here for the last 2 days. I have seen the odd one, then it’s disappeared. Whether it dropped down dead, was transported to another dimension or simply buggered off I don’t know but I do know that not one fly has stayed in here for longer than a minute or two!

So I am in heaven! This is fantastic! For €3 I am fly free! All praise to the mighty RAID guys and thank you!

Lord of the Flies

Flues are a constant problem during summer as most people know. Especially so when I park beside cornfields and other wooded areas, or fields with cattle in.  So I decided to try a fly catcher I found in a supermarket. Made by RAID, but they are sticky plastic flowers that you stick to your window.

Fly catcher
Fly catcher

I can tell you now that they really do work! God knows how, no flies stick to it, so maybe it’s just poisonous? I still get flies coming in, but they don’t last long before they’re off out again. I think I paid something like €4 for a pack of 3 and each one is supposed to last a month, so great value if you ask me.

I am now…The Lord of the flies!

It’s good, but it’s just not Babylon

Hanging basket

Well I wanted a hanging basket for the van but after weeks of searching I could not find one small enough to fit, and look good.

So I spotted a wicker candle holder and bought it for a quid. Inside was the candle holder bit itself so I unwired that and threw it away, then found a B n Q and got some thin brass effect chain.  Add a gold effect hook that I already had and hey Presto!

Check it out! ^^

So far I have had 2 ivy plants and a spider plant in it and they all died. My youngest daughter Keighly, made me some cuttings last year of an Aloe Vera plant she had and she guaranteed it would grow because as she said “They’re tough and grow anywhere and you just can’t kill them!”

Well Keighly, the Aloe Vera plant you made for me lasted about 2 months before it finally lost the will to live 🙁

So, my hanging basket looks all forlorn as it hangs emptily in front of the window. Any suggestions as to what hardy plant might live in there are welcomed.

Ouch! Scalds hurt!

My scald
My scald

Yesterday I was making a cuppa and you know when you’re doing more than one thing and sometimes you get your limbs mixed up? lol

Well, that’s what I did and as I reached out to open the window with my right hand, I was flicking the lid off the just-boiled kettle with my left and … well they met lol

Now I’m certain that steam is even hotter than boiling water so although I don’t want to man-flu this, a scald is worse than a burn!

Anyway, there it is with a bit of blister.  Painful but of course, I don’t complain and just get on with things 🙂

The Sucata run

What the heck is the Sucata run? Well, sucata is Portugese for junk. Here’s an explanation from the sucata website at

The Sucata run boys
Some young men driving the Sucata run that I met in Rouen

The Sucata Run is a bargain basement banger rally tour where teams of up to 4 people drive to Europe’s most westerly point in 4 days, in bangers costing no more than £250. It takes place over the August bank holiday weekend (27th – 31st) and culminates at the breath taking Guincho beach on the Portuguese coast.

I met up with some of the boys on the quay at Rouen. Pictured are Lindsay, Ross and Richard from the Top Gun team. Their Volvo is cleverly disguised as a fighter jet and they are cleverly disguised as Maverick et al lol

The lads say they saw the challenge on Facebook and decided to sign up for it as Richard so eloquently explains, “Well it seemed like a bit of a laugh and raises a few quid for a good cause so why not. ”

The boys were very tired when I met them but were all set for a night on the tiles in Rouen later. I couldn’t help but grimace when, as I walked the dog next morning, I saw them being roused and moved on by French cops at 5:30am.  Ohhhhhh their heads!

Dooo Dahh Dooo Dahh!!!

It just occurred to me that since I came to France, I’ve rarely seen the police or other emergency services and rarely heard a siren, even in Paris. But since I came to Rouen on Sunday I’ve heard nothing but, every single day without fail, at least a dozen times a day. When I can spot them, it’s a fair mix of fire, police and ambulance.

I don’t know if they have a different policy in this city that they must always use sirens, but it’s weird that when I first drove in I had the feeling of not liking the place for only the second time since coming to France. (The other time was Reims) There was a period today where for 20 minutes solid there was a siren sounding. Weird.