Aira Force


The silhouette was taken in Tamworth near Birmingham, from a layby. I had parked up for the night in the layby which is on a country road miles from anywhere. Late at night a lorry pulled in behind me, and took about 15 minutes to park. He was moving forward til he almost touched my bike rack, then reversed, then came forward again, revving his noisy engine for all he was worth. 

I took no notice after the first glance until I heard his music. It was so loud you’d think I had the radio on. Eventually it quietened a little and I realised there was a flashing light. When I looked he was sitting in the passenger seat naked, with a red light flashing on and off slowly. He just sat there staring at me as if he had expected me to look. I started up and moved off!

I was headed back to the lakes so the rest of the photos are of Aira Force, a lovely little waterfall near to Glenridding. Sadly the awful National Trust own the land Aira Force is on so if you wish to park you have to pay their exorbitant fees. I always walk from Glenridding, which is about an hour but it’s a beautiful walk. 

You do see all sorts of wild animals, deer are very common, but squirrels and the odd fox and loads of garden birds.
If you walk east from the waterfall you come to I think it’s Gowbarrow. Walk to the top and you have a view of the whole of Ullswater laid out in front of you. 

Bum-ing around

I was passing Sutton and called in to see Jane as I always do, and as the weather was great we went to Kingsbury water park for the day.  Of all things to take a photo of I took one of Jane’s bum! lol

A photo of a lady with a nice bum
Jane’s bum

Well, I still think to this day she’s got the best bum I’ve ever seen on a woman 🙂

If only I had a fence…

I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a long time, what breed I would get, what size, if it would be healthy traveling in the van, loads of issues to consider. I started ringing around rescue centres to find out what kind of small dogs they had.

I found  a pattern amongst all of them: they require you to have a fenced in garden of  a certain size, or they won’t let you have a dog. Obviously that precludes me instantly, living in a motorhome as I do. So I decided to explain to a few of them why I did not have a fence, and I was astonished that 1 woman went to get her manager, who when I explained I lived in a motorhome, began to laugh and said no way would she let a dog live under those conditions.

I understand that they want to ensure their dogs go to good homes, but a good home is not necessarily measured by having a garden fence. I think that’s a silly rule with no real thought given to it.
So I’ve decided to go to the breeder in Cartmel where my boss bought hers from. He breeds Patterdale Terriers and I’ve decided it’s the perfect sort of dog to live the life I do.

I’ll keep you posted.

All change!

So, I sold the LNB, the dish, the modem and the controller back to Isatlan for £1,200 and Ethnet replaced them all for just under £1,000.

I now have the F1 mount and new dish, new LNB, DW7000 controller and the HN7000s Modem.

Nick, the engineer for Ethnet got it working straight away.

Fingers crossed.