I can find my way anywhere now

I’m off down to Luton to meet some friends, so I’ve been into Halfords in Penrith and bought a TomTom Go satnav.

TomTom One SatnavIt was quite funny that Halfords have big signs up everywhere saying free fitting. But when the lad came out he couldn’t figure out how it went together lol I’ve got quite good spatial ability so I could see clearly, but he obviously wasn’t going to get it.

I debated to myself playing dumb and letting him muddle his way through. But I knew I’d get bored and I wanted to be off anyway, so I showed him how it went together and stuck on the windscreen. Of course then he wanted to show me it’s basic operation. That was good, that’s what he’s trained to do. But I lied and said I’d had one before and knew how it worked. I really just wanted to be off and I knew I’d suss it anyway.

I stuck my mates address in and it said…4 hours and 20 minutes! Best get cracking then!


Elecsol anyone?

I’ve decided on my batteries. I have only 1 battery which is a 100 ahr that I got when I bought the van 2 years ago. But to run the satellite rig and a laptop from the van, through an inverter, I’m going to have to do better. I went to a local caravan shop today and they had 4 Elecsols left, at £100 each but he did me a deal. 🙂

Image of a carbon fibre battery
Elecsol 110 amp battery

The Elecsol have carbon fibre inside which is lighter than some matting materials, and very strong. They’re much smaller and lighter than most 100 ahr batteries so that’s a  good thing. Apparently they can be discharged lower and left discharged for longer than any other batteries on the market. I’ve no way of knowing if their claims are true of course.

They come recommended by the Caravan Club too so I’ve bitten the bullet and shelled out for these. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I have to start somewhere right?

Datastorm finally?

After many minor setbacks I have the final date for the Datastorm to be fitted, 9th December. It’s a lot of money but the thing is I have had none stop problems with Vodafone. I upgrade to the latest dongle, I keep my laptop in tiptop shape but, it constantly fails me and their customer service constantly makes mistakes. I was cut off not long ago because for some unknown reason they decided to apply a limit to my account. I rang and some person said it was a mistake and sorry I’ll take it off. Then later they blocked my access to the works website because it has links to gambling! Duh…it’s a bingo company! LOL

The connection is good usually but the constant problems mean it’s just too unreliable. The satellite system is £8,000 but not only do reviews say it’s reliable but the freedom it affords is fantastic as I can connect at broadband speeds anywhere in Europe! I can’t wait!

Happy Birthday to me

Happy birthday to me, 47 today 🙂

I’m not really celebrating, I am still in the Lake District and absolutely loving being here. Vodafone signal is iffy in most places, but never mind I’m managing. It’s very different to what I imagined, a little lonely today as there’s no-one to celebrate my birthday with, but hey ho I chose this life I can’t complain 🙂