Best job in the world

Tombola. Who’s heard of them? Nope, not me either. But, I saw an advert for them working from home. Yeah we’ve all seen a thousand adverts about working from home but most are at worst a scam and at best OK for pocket money even after working long hours. 
but this one was for an established gambling company and the wage was low but OK to live on while pursuing my travelling lifestyle. 

I went to interview the other day, and they had me chat to someone in an online chat room. The person I chatted to was playing bingo online, but they can also chat to everyone else playing and the people who moderate the rooms, which is what I would be doing. And I got a job!

This is fantastic, this is amazing, this is dream achieving! Cos now I can travel even further and even longer, and they don’t care where I am, as long as I can connect to the internet. Life is sooooo good right now!