We had no expectation of what we would see when we went to Milan. We knew it was considered a seat of culture so we were shocked when we went to the main train station in the city to find beggars everywhere leading up to the entrance and drunks lying asleep in the station. The beggars were a bit of a nuisance, as were the drunks who spilled out of McDonalds where beer was sold cheaply. 
We explored Milan first and found the opera house, and the amazing cathedral which allows you to walk up to the roof and explore all over the building. Fabulous building and fabulous views and a red hot day, what more could we want?

Rather than drive all the time we checked out the train station properly and found that trains went from there to destinations all over Europe including back to the UK! And it was all very cheap with the costliest journey being only €5 each. 
We travelled to an old roman forum on an island, lake Como, Lake Garda, Desenzano, Bergamo and loads of other pretty little towns and villages around Milan. It was a nice break from driving, and a very inexpensive way of exploring the countryside around Milan. We stayed about 5 days altogether and yeah I’d definitely go back.