We’re at Kinlockbervie today. You remember I mentioned the Parph? Well Kinlockbervie is the very south of the Parph. You can see by the photos what it’s like, and the sun was out again so it all looked amazing. 

Apparently there’s a ‘secret’ beach a half a dozen miles away but you can’t get there by car some say, you have to walk. I can see it on the map so we may just have a hike up there. 

The photos say it all. 

Talmine again

A picture of a bridge over a kyle with mountains in the background
The long bridge across the Kyle of Tongue in northern Scotland looks to be almost floating on the water in this view from a hill above Talmine.

We had a great night last night, but today we came back to Talmine. What’s so special about it? Well for a start there’s no-one else here. We have seen one other car driving down the steep hill to the shore and we think it was a fisherman. 

The beach is really interesting, and we can park on some grass right next to it and enjoy the closeness to the sea. going to sleep at night to the sound of the waves on the shore is amazing. 

I love the wreck, it’s clearly been here for a very long time, and I love that we can swim in the water as it is so clear and clean. Today was a basking day in the sunshine so we did have a swim, then dried off in the sunshine lying on the beach. 

This place is one of the best places in Scotland so far. 

Here’s a few photos. 


We came back to Scotland. We’ve been all over the place since we were last here a few months ago, and loved everywhere we’ve visited. But we have a soft spot for the Sutherland area so we came back to spend some time just here. 

We actually saw some wild deer, the first time we’ve seen any in Scotland. We were a little excited. Later on that night we had another campfire, just because we could. We got very drunk too on JD but hey ho life is to be enjoyed isn’t it.

A few photos.

South Shields Lees

South Shields pier
South Shields pier

Sometimes the best paces are near home. I’ve always lived not far from the coast and we used to go as children to the fair at South Shields. It’s very exciting as kids, and I went back with my own kids too. 

Now we have the camper we decided to have a night by the sea here. 

We were a bit cautious as South Shields is a rough place now, but we decided to try it. We had a fab day and it was only when the sun was setting that I remembered to get the camera out and take a photo. 

I love sunsets and this was a belter. Still using the Sony Cybershot that I bought in Florida a few years ago, still a cracking camera.