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Me and Jack in Bamburgh
Me and Jack, Bamburgh, Boxing day 2011

The Last Great Adventure is just that…perhaps the last great adventure I’ll have in my life, documented live as it happens.

TLGA is my diary, my journal, my record, my memory, my reflection, my musing, my catharsism, my life.

Yes … it’s my life in words and pictures, since late summer 2006, when I began travelling in a motorhome and touring around the UK and Europe. The motorhome is an Elddis 200, which is not huge, but it’s big enough for me and my Patterdale terrier that I got as a puppy in 2007. (He’s in the picture at left)

My camper
My camper at Lochgilphead

My first long trip to Europe in it was in the very end of May 2009 when I gave up smoking after 35 years, and decided on a whim to go and see the Normandy landings D-Day celebrations, but stayed for 5 months. More about that in the blog. Since then I haven’t had a reliable satellite system and have had to rely on dongles (USB modems). Mine are with 3 network and are fast enough, reliable enough although not tons of bandwidth per month. As I work full time on the internet I tend to need a lot of bandwidth.

I’ve had the most amazing 12 years exploring the UK and Europe so far, and I hope I don’t have to give it up anytime soon.

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5 thoughts to “About The Last Great Adventure”

  1. Just found this site. Very interesting. It’ll keep me reading for a while. What an amazing adventure you’re having. I’d admire this. I’m sorry you had a bad time in Ayr. Some people just can’t let others live in peace. 😬

  2. What a very interesting, picturesque and beautiful site. I look forward to reading and seeing more. Love the pic with you and Jack x

  3. Hi Gary, just found your site today. Very interesting travel notes and lots of excellent pictures. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey there must be loads of other people looking at this site, so why are you not telling Gary how good or bad you think it is?

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