So after a mad dash we get to Braemar. The landscape has changed now from rough mountains, to rolling moorland with epic views. You can see for miles and there are abandoned crofts and cottages which despite their ruinous state look so attractive in the landscape.

There’s also deer all over the place. I got to try the night vision on the Sony which  adds a green hue to pictures. It’s no good for photos but it’s great just for seeing things.

We stopped in the heathland to make a barbecue and we saw the end of a rainbow. It was only a couple of hundred metres from us. We tried to reach it but it seemed to keep disappearing. 

I have decided, I want to live the rest of my life in a camper travelling around the world. This is something I need to make happen!

Photos as ever…click on one to see a bigger version, then click on the photo to reduce it again.

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Loch Morlich

I’d heard of Aviemore and I knew there was a ski range and a mountain there. So when I saw a sign for it I turned off the main road and headed for it. This is how I have found some of my most fave spots. 

Loch Morlich
Loch Morlich

On the way we found a loch called Morlich so we decided to stop to explore. There was a visitor centre there, sports centre, campsite and shops. So we parked in the gravel car park which was littered with trees and set out to explore. 

We found a little beach where the watersports launched from and we found out that the ‘Heroes of Telemark’ from the second world war had trained here. Apparently to this day people find spent bullets, cartridges and pieces of grenade on the beach. 

This was a pretty place and could easily be walked around in a couple of hours so we decided to stay the night. It was very peaceful with hardly anyone around and we guessed we would get a nice nights sleep and go for walks in the morning.

I am using my Sony DSC-F828 that I bought from Rome airport and I am quite liking taking photos again so some of these shots are repetitive while I practice getting better results.

Here’s a few I took while we were here.

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We didn’t fall at Dochart

The Falls of Dochart, at the end of Loch Tay in Stirling, a canny find as we meandered along in the camper. We weren’t looking for anything, just mooching around and we saw the sign for the falls so went to investigate. 

It was April so a cold day and there had been plenty rain recently, so the falls were impressive. The village is quite nice too but we didn’t stay long as it was too cold. 

I took  some photos of course 🙂

Here’s an interesting story. The photos here were taken on a new camera, a Sony DSC 828 which had not at this point been released in the UK and I lusted after the camera. We had just been to Rome and on the journey back I saw it in an airport shop. It was of course expensive being a brand new model so I bought it using my Barclaycard. Now Barclaycard had just started this brand new insurance for all purchases over £100 so I decided to get that as it was free.

Anyway, I bought the camera and on return to Newcastle airport it was stolen from where we sat in the cafe. I informed police immediately and asked them to check CCTV. They gave me a crime number and I reported it to Barclaycard. Barclaycard were brilliant and simply refunded me the cost of the camera under the insurance scheme I had joined ! (Meanwhile I was still chasing CCTV from the airport police)

Anyway the camera did turn up and was returned to me, so I wrote to Barclaycard to explain. They said the case is closed now so forget it. wow. So I got my £700 camera for free. Thanks to the thief who took it originally!

Oddly, a year later Barclaycard stopped that insurance scheme because not enough people were claiming on it so it was classed as non viable. Odd eh?

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We’re at Kinlockbervie today. You remember I mentioned the Parph? Well Kinlockbervie is the very south of the Parph. You can see by the photos what it’s like, and the sun was out again so it all looked amazing. 

Apparently there’s a ‘secret’ beach a half a dozen miles away but you can’t get there by car some say, you have to walk. I can see it on the map so we may just have a hike up there. 

The photos say it all. 

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Talmine again

A picture of a bridge over a kyle with mountains in the background
The long bridge across the Kyle of Tongue in northern Scotland looks to be almost floating on the water in this view from a hill above Talmine.

We had a great night last night, but today we came back to Talmine. What’s so special about it? Well for a start there’s no-one else here. We have seen one other car driving down the steep hill to the shore and we think it was a fisherman. 

The beach is really interesting, and we can park on some grass right next to it and enjoy the closeness to the sea. going to sleep at night to the sound of the waves on the shore is amazing. 

I love the wreck, it’s clearly been here for a very long time, and I love that we can swim in the water as it is so clear and clean. Today was a basking day in the sunshine so we did have a swim, then dried off in the sunshine lying on the beach. 

This place is one of the best places in Scotland so far. 

Here’s a few photos. 

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We came back to Scotland. We’ve been all over the place since we were last here a few months ago, and loved everywhere we’ve visited. But we have a soft spot for the Sutherland area so we came back to spend some time just here. 

We actually saw some wild deer, the first time we’ve seen any in Scotland. We were a little excited. Later on that night we had another campfire, just because we could. We got very drunk too on JD but hey ho life is to be enjoyed isn’t it.

A few photos.

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