Ullswater, lake district

A canoe on the lake
A canoe on the lake

Ullswater is fast becoming our favourite lake, and Glenridding our favourite village. Everything you need is in the village including the grumpiest shopkeeper in the world! He owns the village store and a grumpier man I’ve never met, however it’s funny rather than upsetting. He’s just a character.

Glenridding has several paths up to Striding Edge and Helvellyn. It’s also got a garage and several restaurants attached to hotels. One of the main features is the so called steamers. They’re not steamers at all now, and I don’t know if they ever were. but it is very much fun to take one to Howtown, then walk back to Patterdale and then into Glenridding.

It’s also nice to take the longer route to Pooley bridge. There’s 3 pubs in Pooley Bridge. The Crown Inn which is lovely for families and serves lovely food. The Pooley Bridge Inn which has rooms as well, and serves many ales from micro breweries in the region. The food there is also nice but we go for the beer. 🙂

There’s also the Sun Inn which is the more rowdy of them all but I say that in a fun way, not in a disturbing peace way. It seems to be full of locals usually but it has live music on, karaoke and quiz night. They do meals too but much more restricted menu than the other two. We go to the Sun Inn for fun not eating. 

Climbing around Glenridding is great as there is something for everyone. If we park in the steamers car park overnight it’s £4, added to the £4 during the day it makes for a steep stopover. Campsites can be had for about a tenner but I dislike campsites and love camping wherever we can out of the way.

Sadly due to National Park gestapo who want to run the park as if it is private property and only allow us on reluctantly, there are few places to stop over. 

A few photos here.

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More Crummock water

Well we certainly did have a fabulous nights sleep in Crummock water. We woke up early to some cows lowing over the water, but that wasn’t a bad thing. We made some breakfast to eat outside as the sun was up and washed our faces. I’ve never felt so connected to my life for a long time. 

If we want to sit down we sit on the ground. We can drink out of the streams as the water is fairly clean. We can swim in the lake although not for long as it’s bloody cold lol. We share our space with the animals and sometimes they scratch themselves on the van so we feel them as well as hear them. The only sound overnight is a bit of wind maybe, and a far off hiss as it blows over the water. 

This truly is living, rather than being cooped up in a square concrete block with the windows closed.

I live now for this lifestyle!


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Crummock water

Crummock water is another lake I had never visited. It’s slightly off the beaten track and is not developed at all, so we hardly ever saw anyone there except a few walkers. I think we saw 3 cars the whole day so it was easy to park just off the road for the night and not get disturbed. 

It was fabulous hearing nothing much except a bit of wind and a few sheep and cows. This is a very peaceful way to live and I feel more relaxed than I have in a long time. 

I’m sure in years to come it will become more developed here and end up like Windermere, which would be a sad thing. But I guess everyone else is entitled to visit and enjoy the same way as we do.

I didn’t take many photos as we were busy walking but here’s a few.

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Grasmere, Lake District

I’d never been to Grasmere but Jo had many times and liked it. So we came in the camper to check it out. I was not disappointed. 

It’s a beautiful old lakeland village, well kept and quaint, with a lovely lake beside it and mountains all around. It’s also bloody expensive! We sat in a little cafe on a terrace overlooking the river. Across from us was a church graveyard where William Wordsworth and members of his family are buried. 

We only had a scone and a cup of tea and it cost us £4! We did have a look in a few of the shops out of curiosity but all of them were way out of our price range. 

Nevertheless we spent a nice day there and had a lovely walk around the lake, which included an attack by a horse of geese who were heading for the water. 

I only took a few photos, here they are.

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A view of Glenridding in the English Lake District, from the top of Place Fell. Just to the top left you can see Swirral Edge leading to Helvellyn.
A view of Glenridding in the English Lake District, from the top of Place Fell. Just to the top left you can see Swirral Edge leading to Helvellyn.

Pooley Bridge was the first place Jo and I went camping when we got together. We hiked all around Ullswater on both sides of the lake and both ends.

We visited Glenridding at the opposite end of Ullswater and loved it straight away. It was a first time there for both of us. The mountain that overlooks Glenridding is called Place Fell and we climbed that many times.

This was the first visit in the new camper and we parked it in the steamer car park. 

I have always loved walking and hiking and Jo was brought up by a scout leader father so she also was used to being outdoors. Her fitness was poor but we soon built that up by regular trips to places like this in our NEW camper haha

Although this isn’t the best photo I’ve ever taken you can see the great view of Glenridding from Place Fell. 

We are loving the new van, it’s almost like a car to drive and so comfortable with all the mod cons in the back. The bed is the same size as the one in my flat. 

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Look what I did!

We have been having a fantastic time this last year. This camper I bought is the best thing I ever did. We’ve been around the UK so much almost every single weekend and had a few week and 2 week holidays in it. I’ve been away more than Jo as she was tired of roaming. I think a bit of friction there although she still loves it.

Anyway, I sold it. On Ebay where I first bought it, and for the same price. the guys who bought it had rung me and travelled all the way from Wales that day. They did try to rip me off with the money, but eagle eyed Jo spotted it and told me so I got the rest back. Anyway, it’s gone now, apparently as accommodation for some guys who worked for them. 

Picture of a motorhome
Elddis Firestorm

But guess what I did? I went and bought a brand new motorhome! 

Elddis 200 Firestorm, bought from Barrons today. I am canny excited! We’re planning a trip already to France. 

Having had the camper for a year we decided we liked it so much that we’d buy a brand new one with all the trimmings lol So this has a full oven with 4 burner hob, fridge, toilet, shower, and of course 2 double beds. It’s brand new and we are both in love with it. We had to haggle like hell to get them to include a gas bottle as normally they don’t. But it has a leisure battery.

Very sadly we did feel ostracised now and again in our old van, which we also loved, but people looked down on us as it was old and worn out. Bastards. 

Anyway we’re going to christen it fairly quickly as we can’t wait to try everything out. Of course the first thing I did was take some pictures 🙂

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