New generation!

Elecsol carbon fibre batteryRight, I’ve looked at generators and the Honda suitcase seems to be the very best you can get.

The only problem is I don’t have Honda money. So instead I’ve sourced an SDMO Booster which uses a Honda engine, but costs a quarter of the Honda at only £550

I’ll be getting one of those then.

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I don’t have the power!

I’ve got to get some more batteries if I’m to have the power to run the Datastorm satellite system and a laptop, 40 hours a week.

Hadn’t thought about it before but, if the satellite dish takes 4 amps and the laptop 5 that’s 9 amps which is 1 x 100 ahr battery per day.

At the moment I have 1 x 100 ahr battery lol I think I have a lot to learn about this malarkey and I foresee turbulent waters ahead.

Silly me.

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Datastorm Freedom!

Well this is exciting. I’ve been using the Vodafone PCMCIA card that allows me to connect to the internet via the mobile phone network. It’s the new style card so I had to buy an adapter which cost £164! Vodafone are full of woes, their customer service is friendly but woefully useless. The service is very patchy, I hope it improves. However I’ve booked the van to get satellite internet fitted in November by a company in Stoke called Isatlan.

Datastorm satellite internet dishThis mobile internet satellite dish can connect to the internet from anywhere in Europe and even North Africa so I will truly be independent and be able to live in and work from the van, but also travel all over Europe too.

£8,000, yeah ridiculous money but you know, you only get one life, you have to make the most of it, so it’s about time I started living.

Exciting times, can’t wait!

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Lets start at the very beginning …

In the Beginning…

We came back early from France about 2 weeks ago. Me and my partner have officially split, so I took the rest of my holidays by myself in the van. Although the flat is mine, I’m going to stay in the van until she finds somewhere to live.

If I can find a way of working it, I am going to rent the flat out and live in the van for a year. lol Yes live in it and work from it. I got this job so I could work from the van so living in it is just one step further. It will take her some time to find a place anyway, so why not enjoy being out and about in my van?

Ohhhh the excitement of beginning new adventures!

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