Datastorm finally?

After many minor setbacks I have the final date for the Datastorm to be fitted, 9th December. It’s a lot of money but the thing is I have had none stop problems with Vodafone. I upgrade to the latest dongle, I keep my laptop in tiptop shape but, it constantly fails me and their customer service constantly makes mistakes. I was cut off not long ago because for some unknown reason they decided to apply a limit to my account. I rang and some person said it was a mistake and sorry I’ll take it off. Then later they blocked my access to the works website because it has links to gambling! Duh…it’s a bingo company! LOL

The connection is good usually but the constant problems mean it’s just too unreliable. The satellite system is £8,000 but not only do reviews say it’s reliable but the freedom it affords is fantastic as I can connect at broadband speeds anywhere in Europe! I can’t wait!

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Happy Birthday to me

Happy birthday to me, 47 today 🙂

I’m not really celebrating, I am still in the Lake District and absolutely loving being here. Vodafone signal is iffy in most places, but never mind I’m managing. It’s very different to what I imagined, a little lonely today as there’s no-one to celebrate my birthday with, but hey ho I chose this life I can’t complain 🙂

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Lake District here I come

I was saying last week that I haven’t been going far from home, well I decided to have my first proper trip away this weekend, I’m going to the Lake District. I love the Lakes and have camped there and gone hiking there for years, so it’s the natural place to go.

Picture of 5 cows in a field staring at me.
Who are you looking at?

I have decided to go to the Ullswater area as that’s the area I know best and I love it round there. I’m not sure how I’ll be on parking, it’s mostly National Park so they may not like me parking overnight. Nevertheless I’m quite excited about my trip it will be the first one since moving into the van, god knows why I waited so long!

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Typical home bird

I’ve found a very odd thing in the few weeks since I first started living in the van. Well I’ve found several odd things! But the main one is how close I stay to home. Or what I used to call home. I suppose it’s still home cos I own the flat and my belongings are still in it, but it doesn’t feel like home. However I’ll call it that simply as a reference.

Anyway, the odd thing is that I have never strayed far from home since I began my adventure. I’ve parked overnight in Chester le Street in a park, in Birtley in a car park, in Washington in a car park, and a variety of other places all within a few miles of home. Now for someone who has hankered after a mobile home for years, has travelled the UK in one already and is committing large sums of money and time to living in one, it feels weird that I am not going far. I suppose it’s just that feeling of getting used to the van and the new habits I have to adopt to live in it.

I still go back to the flat to do laundry and get a bath and wash up stuff, really I need to stop that as I am going to rent it out when she leaves so…

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New generation!

Elecsol carbon fibre batteryRight, I’ve looked at generators and the Honda suitcase seems to be the very best you can get.

The only problem is I don’t have Honda money. So instead I’ve sourced an SDMO Booster which uses a Honda engine, but costs a quarter of the Honda at only £550

I’ll be getting one of those then.

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