Storr Mountain Photo-Trail

Despite my gammy legs, and an extra gammy left calf, I set out to hike up to the Old Man of Storr. Truly amazing experience and the weather was extremely kind that day.

After spending an hour walking up and down the hills around the Old Man, I decided to see if I could get to the top of Storr mountain itself. The path is rough at times, with some icy parts just above a sheer drop. And the cold…I reckon that’s the coldest I’ve ever been up any mountain.

Nevertheless I got to the (damaged) trig point and met up with a couple I’d bumped into twice: once at the Old Man and again on the way to the summit. (They’re in the photo)

Jack had to have his coat on for the first time whilst climbing, and he kept sitting down and walking next to me, a sure indication he wasn’t happy. Luckily we were only about 20 minutes from the summit when he began acting like that, so we pressed on. The minute we dropped below the snow line again he was fine!

Saying snow, it was very hard iced snow, probably due to the fierce winds and cold up there. The views were great though, and if I’m back in the summer I’m┬ádefinitely┬ádoing it again.

Anyway, the whole journey is here in pictures, so I hope you enjoy.

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