Holyhead Mountain Photo-Trail

Holyhead mountain is the highest point of Anglesey in North Wales, at 722 feet, (220 metres). You can see it from all of Anglesey, although it doesn’t look it’s height. It’s a particularly nice ‘hill’ to climb up as the area around is so beautiful, and I usually start from the steps leading to the lighthouse at South Stack, and walk across the heath land to North Stack, where there is usually seals playing and feeding, then back up the hill to the summit to take in the marvelous views. On a clear day you can see over to the Wicklow mountains in Ireland from the summit. On the east side of the top there is a ruined Roman fort and there are also the remains of an Iron Age settlement.

Which ever direction you approach from there’s a fairly steep but short climb to the top at the end, although on the south west side the huge rock face makes it impossible unless you have climbing equipment. Indeed it is very popular with climbers and they’re there most days.

The RSPB have a look out point at South Stack nearby and at certain times you can see puffins on the cliffs as well as other birds. You could easily spend a day here enjoying the lighthouse, watching the birds and the seals and wandering around the slopes that lead up to the mountain.  Sadly my photos just don’t do it justice.

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