Photo trails

Photo-trails is a brand new feature to my blog. They are a photographic record of a journey I’ve made, which could be a walk, or a visit to a location of interest such as a castle, or a hike up one of the UK’s mountains, such as Snowdon.

I’ve hiked up Snowdon in Wales 5 times now, and the Snowdon photo-trail is made up of several of those journeys, due to weather conditions sometimes preventing me from taking more photographs, or simply a different view in different conditions on a different day.

They’re intended to show areas of the UK that I visit to those who cannot visit themselves, or those who are planning to visit and wish to know more about the environment they face. I’m happy to receive feedback on your impressions of these journeys.

There are different methods of grading walks, but I don’t do that here as there are so many systems and it’s a subjective measure anyway. As some know I have claudication which means I get awful pains in my legs and hips as soon as I start hiking. This slows me down and can make the going over rough ground quite tough when tired, so I can only say how long it took me, someone without problems and fitter would obviously find the going easier and take a lot less time.

The key is enjoy: and remember, STOP and LOOK BACK as you climb! you will miss some of the best views if you don’t. 🙂

I’ll keep adding more here as I complete them and I hope you enjoy, but keep checking back if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on.
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Snowdon Photo-Trail

Scafell Pike Photo-Trail

Holyhead Mountain Photo-Trail

Storr Mountain Photo-Trail


PS I’d love a new theme to be able to show off the photos a little better. I did buy Empyer theme from ThemeForest, but despite them agreeing it was broken, and promising a refund, they refused to refund me and now ignore all emails. So, if anyone has a great suggestion for a photo friendly theme that does NOT come from Theme Forest (lets face it I don’t want to get ripped off again…) please let me know. 🙂

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