Tyneham, ghost village.

Church at Tyneham
Tyneham chapel

My friend told me about Tyneham when I was in Dorset. She said it was a village that was abandoned during the war.

Indeed when I did check it out, it seems the MOD as was then, asked everyone to leave so they could borrow the village and surrounding areas for target practice and training troops. Following the war they sought a compulsory purchase order and bought the lot off those who lived there.

It’s quite atmospheric visiting the place, with school work still available for perusal in the school and the telephone box still standing outside the post office.  The long laundry room is in tatters as are most of the other buildings as you can see from the photos, but there’s some poignant stories recorded around the site.

It’s a beautiful area and up the hill are some fantastic views of the training grounds proper, including wrecked tanks that they use for target practice.

Definitely worth half a day and only 10 minutes drive from the privately owned Kimmeridge Bay.