Ohhhh Driver heaven!

I can’t quite believe it but…I’ve fixed my computer!

I’ve been trying to fix the driver problem on my computer for almost a week now. I’ve failed at every attempt although I’m not entirely sure why as it’s a pretty straightforward process. I was starting to run out of ideas though but I have loads of useful programs downloaded over the years and I was looking through them when I found one called DriverMax. It is from 2003 so it’s ancient in terms of computers but nevertheless I installed and ran it. However after scanning my computer it tried to go to it’s online database then crashed. Out of curiosity I checked and they do have a website still and there is still a driver program on there and it is still free!

So I downloaded the new one installed it and scanned and sure enough there was my network card. The one that has been giving me grief for nearly a week.

I clicked the download link and it installed the driver it had found for the network card and suddenly, in the window I had open of device manager, the network card began to operate.

With baited breath I unplugged the phone, turned on the wireless hotspot and waited…suddenly there it was…LIFE! Well, INTERNET anyway lol but WIRELESS internet!!
I am truly overjoyed lol

If anyone has a driver problem you’d best start here…