Welcome Jack :)

Dog stands by lake watching swans
Jack swanning about

Jack seems to have taken to life in the van as if he was born to it, (which he almost was!) and he appears to be content. He’s playing  a lot, sleeping even more, and chewing me loads! I’ve been to get him chipped by  vet in Skelton, who didn’t even have a debit card machine and sent me off to the post office to get some cash. I told him the lifestyle I lead living in my van and traveling here and there, he stated he could see no harm that would come to the dog and then started the long process of inoculations, checks, worming etc etc that a new puppy has to go through.

Once that was all complete I decided to have the weekend in Ullswater as it’s one of my favourite places. I parked in Glenridding and took Jack to the lake for his first visit. As you can see, his instincts are all in place. I was not sure whether he wanted to play with the swans or eat them, although the swans seemed sure of the latter so they stayed a healthy distance away.

Must get rid of that awful collar. I’ve never understood how people can try and control animals with a thing round their neck. I’d like a decent harness for him.
As you can see below he’s not frightened either! He loves people and other dogs, he’s just so sociable. He’s settling in nicely too, I don’t think I’m going to regret getting him.

Jack meets a Jack Russell and makes friends
Jack making friends

Lake District here I come

I was saying last week that I haven’t been going far from home, well I decided to have my first proper trip away this weekend, I’m going to the Lake District. I love the Lakes and have camped there and gone hiking there for years, so it’s the natural place to go.

Picture of 5 cows in a field staring at me.
Who are you looking at?

I have decided to go to the Ullswater area as that’s the area I know best and I love it round there. I’m not sure how I’ll be on parking, it’s mostly National Park so they may not like me parking overnight. Nevertheless I’m quite excited about my trip it will be the first one since moving into the van, god knows why I waited so long!


Guess where we are? I’ll give you one clue…Ullswater! lol 

Yep I did say that we liked this place a lot and we would come back here time and again. When I was a child we used to go to the lakes but like everyone else we went to Windermere, or Bowness as it is really. There was very little deviation and everyone goes there partly for the boat tours, partly cos it’s very easy road access and partly cos there’s lots of shops. I’m 100% convinced if Glendridding could put up a shopping centre or open a dozen small independent shops there would be more people here.

Anyway I didn’t take many photos here today, I was trying to be a bit arty. I’ve been taking photos for a very long time without really knowing what I was doing. Right through all of my kids growing up I took thousands of photos. But looking back even now I can see where I could have improved them with the knowledge I have now.

So, onward and upward, it’s a cold but nice enough day here today and Jo decided not to come but I am staying for a week or so. 

Here’s the only few photos I took in Glenridding at the boat hire.

Ullswater, lake district

A canoe on the lake
A canoe on the lake

Ullswater is fast becoming our favourite lake, and Glenridding our favourite village. Everything you need is in the village including the grumpiest shopkeeper in the world! He owns the village store and a grumpier man I’ve never met, however it’s funny rather than upsetting. He’s just a character.

Glenridding has several paths up to Striding Edge and Helvellyn. It’s also got a garage and several restaurants attached to hotels. One of the main features is the so called steamers. They’re not steamers at all now, and I don’t know if they ever were. but it is very much fun to take one to Howtown, then walk back to Patterdale and then into Glenridding.

It’s also nice to take the longer route to Pooley bridge. There’s 3 pubs in Pooley Bridge. The Crown Inn which is lovely for families and serves lovely food. The Pooley Bridge Inn which has rooms as well, and serves many ales from micro breweries in the region. The food there is also nice but we go for the beer. 🙂

There’s also the Sun Inn which is the more rowdy of them all but I say that in a fun way, not in a disturbing peace way. It seems to be full of locals usually but it has live music on, karaoke and quiz night. They do meals too but much more restricted menu than the other two. We go to the Sun Inn for fun not eating. 

Climbing around Glenridding is great as there is something for everyone. If we park in the steamers car park overnight it’s £4, added to the £4 during the day it makes for a steep stopover. Campsites can be had for about a tenner but I dislike campsites and love camping wherever we can out of the way.

Sadly due to National Park gestapo who want to run the park as if it is private property and only allow us on reluctantly, there are few places to stop over. 

A few photos here.


A view of Glenridding in the English Lake District, from the top of Place Fell. Just to the top left you can see Swirral Edge leading to Helvellyn.
A view of Glenridding in the English Lake District, from the top of Place Fell. Just to the top left you can see Swirral Edge leading to Helvellyn.

Pooley Bridge was the first place Jo and I went camping when we got together. We hiked all around Ullswater on both sides of the lake and both ends.

We visited Glenridding at the opposite end of Ullswater and loved it straight away. It was a first time there for both of us. The mountain that overlooks Glenridding is called Place Fell and we climbed that many times.

This was the first visit in the new camper and we parked it in the steamer car park. 

I have always loved walking and hiking and Jo was brought up by a scout leader father so she also was used to being outdoors. Her fitness was poor but we soon built that up by regular trips to places like this in our NEW camper haha

Although this isn’t the best photo I’ve ever taken you can see the great view of Glenridding from Place Fell. 

We are loving the new van, it’s almost like a car to drive and so comfortable with all the mod cons in the back. The bed is the same size as the one in my flat.