Not stopped spending yet

I’ve just ordered some LED festoon bulbs for the interior light, which has always been crap. I got one ages ago for the bathroom and the difference is amazing. This all came about because I wanted some spare headlight bulbs to go to Europe with. I’ve got tons of all bulbs except the dipped beam H7s, so I went to 3 car accessory shops today, 2 in Windermere and 1 in Bowness. In Windermere they wanted £9.99 each in the shop ad £8.99 in the garage. Sod that I went into Bowness and the small car shop there wanted £7.99. Sod that too. You can get a pack in Tesco with half a dozen bulbs and some blade fuses in for about £4!

Anyway I ended u having a look at Amazon and have ordered some festoon bulbs, some LED sidelight bulbs, and a pack of 4 x H7s for only £3.50 for the four!! I’m also going to sign up with myByBox to try out their delivery system. Fed up with miserable and rude Post Office staff giving me grief for using their free Poste Restante service.

I can see clearly now…

My glasses for driving fell apart in my hands last week. One of the arms fell off and these cost £260 for 2 pairs from Spec-savers only 2 years ago. I managed to get the screw back in using one of those cheap spectacle kits I’d got ages ago in Poundland. But it wasn’t holding right, so it’s replacement time methinks, and luckily I’d had an eye test done a few weeks ago.

Although I don’t have to wear glasses for driving I like to, so I took a risk and took my latest prescription into Tesco whilst in Dumfries, and chose a £20 pair of glasses. The cheapest I’ve ever paid. No anti-scratch coating, no anti-glare coating, no thinner plastic lens etc etc etc, just bog standard specs. 6 days she said, seems like I was destined to stay in Dumfries.

My new specs
My new specs

Anyway I finally got them and they’re cheap, but really, they aren’t that different to the ones I have. In fact the only difference I can see is that the more expensive ones from Specsavers have those hinges on that let you open the arms too wide but, why would you want to? I mean it’s great for kids, but for adults, it’s fairly straight forward to put glasses on without spreading them as wide as Jordan’s experience with men.

They were a little odd to get used to as most new glasses are but I noticed one thing straight away, the glare from oncoming headlights is nowhere near as bad with these as it was with my old Specsaver ones, which also didn’t have the anti-glare coating on. There is also a clarity of vision that is better, and my prescription hadn’t really changed. So for £20 I’m over the moon and when I get to Glasgow in a few weeks, I reckon I’ll get some new reading glasses too.

So, knock Tesco all you like, but they can’t make glasses from horses so I think I’m safe!