Weather or not

The weather is still awful and the power is still out on the whole of Skye and an awful lot of the mainland too.  There’s absolutely no value sitting there as I’m wasting time doing bugger all, so off I popped to Inverness for a variety of things I need anyway.

On the way the weather turned even worse and I saw some skid marks in the snow exactly like I’d done some years ago: they skidded slowly to the wrong side of the road, then as the driver (obviously a lorry) corrected it skidded the other way. I was just thinking that he must have been shitting himself as I was when that happened but he managed to get himself straight I noticed a few hundred yards or so later.
Then I turned a corner and there he was, double log trailer, lying on its side in the ditch. Oops!

It took a while to stop but I reversed back and he was sitting by the cab so I got out and asked if he was alright. He said yes and he seemed it but said it would be about an hour before any recovery would come. I told him to come inside and get a cuppa but he refused and said he was fine, which was ridiculous as it was freezing, snowing and blowing a houly and he’d just totalled his hytt and trailer. I said come on, people act funny sometimes when they’ve had a shock, just sit with me and have a coffee for 10 minutes.
He said in broad Scottish accent “Och I act funny all the fucking time so you’d ne’er know if I was in shock laddie!”

I decided he was right so I left him to it and went on my merry way.

Later at Inverness I popped into Aldi and guess what they had? That’s right…a small, 12 volt dehumidifier! What’s the chances hhahaa

Sadly I went to Halfords though and they had none of the bike covers I’ve had off them for the last 7 years.


Snow….but only for a  few hours 🙁

I took Jack out and we walked down to the market in Dumfries, which only has 2 stalls and was deserted apart from the stall holders. Turns out the man running the hardware stall comes from Sherburn, very near where I was born. He didn’t have a 70mm hole drill though so I still can’t fit the Gaslow valve.

Never mind we left there and had a very cold but enjoyable walk along the river til it was lunchtime, but as we returned to the van the rain started and it slowly washed away all the snow.

Never mind, tomorrow I’ll find that camper accessory shop I passed on the way in, get some water pipe, heating flue and various other bits and bobs and then head for Whithorn, which a friend recommended as being a nice place.