Water carry on…

The main fresh water inlet on my van is a hole in the side of the wall with a lockable cap. It goes in about 2 inches, then a hose much like a hoover hose turns 90 degrees and goes down into the main fresh water tank. This short hose is ribbed like a hoover pipe too so when I am trying to fit the hose down the hole, it catches on the ribs and as the run is so sharp, 90 degrees, it’s a real struggle every time to get the hose in. The hose must be in properly otherwise the water just comes straight back out.

So I had this idea. You know the flexible spouts you got for fuel canisters? I had one of those so I cut it short and put it inside the main hose. However after a few tries it was clearly too stiff and narrow and was more hassle than enough. So I decided on a piece of the hose that is used for the drains in the van. It’s still slightly ribbed but much smoother than the existing one so I went off to find some and I came across a hidden gem. Highland Camper vans just outside of Inverness.

I went to see them and they had some small seals for gas hoses, I’d been looking for these for ages since that awful Caravan Clinic lost one of mine. They also sold me a metre of that drain hose and a tube of Sikaflex which is in fact quite hard to get hold of. I’ve got none in and every camper should always have a tube as there is nothing else quite like it either for adhesion or leak fixing. They even ordered a new rail for the bike rack as I’ve bent mine.

I was reversing one dark rainy night and a tree came out of nowhere and ran straight behind me! TUT (Which reminds me I must get another light to fit as a reversing lamp cos the one on the van is next to useless)

Anyway Highland campers rang me 2 days later saying my rail was in and yes of course it was a couple of £’s more than you’d pay at a big chain, this is the Highlands. But you know I won’t pay too much for stuff so I felt it was very reasonable.

They impressed me by their small but well targeted stock and the ability to get things at short notice. If you’re in the Highlands pop in if you need anything:

Highland Campers Ltd t/a Highland Campervans
Kerrowaird Farm House, Dalcross, Inverness IV2 7JQ Scotland
T: +44 (0)1667 493976