Satellite woes…

Well the Alden satellite is performing OK as long as the wind stays down. It’s almost useless in 10 mph or over winds. The laptop appears fine since I uninstalled that IOBit software, but the batteries still seem to be wearing more quickly than they should. I think eventually I’m going to have to find a decent auto-electrician and find out exactly what the problem is.

Wish me luck tomorrow as it’s Monday, back to work and it’s been windy all weekend. As Blunderfone is still not working I rely exclusively on the satellite now.

Alden Hiccups

I finally managed to open an account with the German company IPcopter who run the ground station, so I can use the Alden satellite system. It’s not that expensive if you buy a full year of connectivity upfront, although quite restrictive on bandwidth, so I won’t be using youtube or even email on it.

It’s proven difficult to get connected a couple of times, but the guys who do tech support managed to lead me over the phone to get a connection. It seems very susceptible to wind though, far more than I would have thought. However it’s fast enough once connected so I’ll stick¬†with¬†it and see how it goes.

Another new hope?

I travelled down to Taunton in Somerset last night to Vanbitz, to get the Alden Netmaster fitted. For ¬£3,500 this is billed as the best commercially available mobile internet you can get without being¬† a lottery winner. I went off on my bike while they fitted it, it took most of the day for some reason. But they said I could hang around for the night to test it out if I wanted to. Given the history of disappointment I’ve had from Datastorm I said I’d do that.

When I went to pay them the bank would not let me spend the ¬£3, 250 owing, so I phoned Alliance and Leicester, knowing it was an unusual amount.¬† They said over the phone that they could not fix it cos it was some kind of error lol. It took me four attempts and about 20 minutes to finally pay them. Anyway, I tested it as best I could and it seemed to be quick and work fine. I really like the simplicity but I’d rather get off somewhere and test it properly so I prepared for an early start in the morning.