Oh dear not another cheat…

So, you might remember Guy Perry in Barrow had told me I needed 2 new crankcase seals and a turbo. I’ve since had the turbo checked by 2 garages and 1 turbo specialist, all say it is fine. 
I was told if you remember from here that replacing the PCV valve would solve everything and in fact at first I thought it had. However the oil leak is still there and 1 mechanics theory is that the engine is simply burning it as it has not been refurbished properly, and another theory is that it’s actually the rocker cover that is leaking oil. 

Anyway if you remember it was Roopyal Unicorn who would not give me a warranty for the clutch unless I also had a new flywheel fitted? They said because the old clutch had been slipping and so the flywheel could be warped. Load of old bollocks but anyway, they replaced the PCV valve and charged me £140. I have since been told that my engine does not have a PCV valve. So I wonder what Roopyal charged me for…

Hoddy’s rip me off

Since having my clutch done at Hoddy’s I’ve had nothing but problems. The van has been in for several repairs but the main thing was the clutch was failing. I took it back to Hoddy’s who said I needed to pay all over again, then they would send the clutch off to be investigated to see if it had failed. 

I explained that that wasn’t how things worked. Consumer law says they must repair or replace the defective item and I should not incur any cost. Things actually got quite heated but they were adamant unless I paid they would do nothing. 

Over the course of a few weeks I visited several times but each time they flatly refused and in the end we had a massive row about it in their office. I was so very angry because I’m a bit fed up of companies who feel they can rip their customers off as and when they choose and nothing gets done about it. As I know from the satellite internet debacle  and the subsequent Alden mess trading standards are worse than useless, so after much anger and frustration I simply had to walk away and leave it. What else could I do? Taking private civil action would have cost me much more than a new clutch would.

I finally found a new garage in Birmingham called Roopyal who fitted a new clutch, but once everything was in bits they said unless I replaced the flywheel they could not warranty the clutch. Why? Because it was their practice to skim the flywheel or better still to replace it. I asked if there was any evidence that there was something wrong with the flywheel and they said no but after 11 years and the problems I’d had with the clutch it ‘probably would’ need replacing. 

Never heard so much bollocks in my life lol but here again stuck in the same position: ask them to do it and pay way more than I should? Say no and drive away without a warranty? The decision was made in the end regarding time because there simply was no time to wait for parts and get the job done before I was due at work. So I had to say no.