Winter Onesie Exploits…

You may recall that I’m down in Sutton Coldfield visiting my friend Jane. We’d been talking one night and she was on about having her ‘rabbit’ onesie, which was super warm and how she’s put it on on cold nights and curl up with a book and some hot chocolate. This conjured up images of Bridget Jones and I wondered if girls really do do this sort of thing!
Anyway, after some discussion which included me saying Id been wanting to get some practice in using my flash and gels, we decided to take some photos. Here are the results…

MK3_1565 MK3_1562 MK3_1557 MK3_1550






















Now, to you they’re just photos. But to me, they’re much more than that! For a start we’d been shopping all day looking for a huge mug with Cocoa written on. We finally found a huge mug in Asda but it was plain and light blue. We bought some letter stickers, but they were silver. So when we finally got cocoa on the mug using the stickers not only did it just not look right, but the letters were so large all you could see was Coc  LOL

So we went with wine and chocolates, reading and texting. When I was setting up the first book which was quite large was intruding over her face so I grabbed the smallest one off the shelf that I could find. It wasn’t until afterwards that we checked the images and saw that it was The Scarman Report! Hardly light entertainment reading for a cold winter night!

Anyway. These are straight out of the camera, they haven’t been processed at all in any way, and here’s how we set the shot up.

I wanted to meter for the table lamp to give ‘atmosphere’ but there simply wasn’t enough light to illuminate Jane. If I exposed for Jane, the lamp was pure white and burned out. In the end I exposed for the lamp but there is also a flash unit just out of shot beside the lamp resting on another little table the same height as the lamp table. Check the shadows and you can see it’s effect 🙂
The flash of course is daylight balanced whilst the lamp is tungsten. So I used a CTO gel on the flash to balance it to tungsten, and a softbox to make the light less harsh. Because it was so close to the lamp it was burning the lamp out terribly. I don’t have cinefoil or snoots, so I made a baffle using Bacofoil which was sellotaped to the softbox.

To further complicate things my tripod does not go low enough for the angle I wanted. So I used a DVD rack on it’s side, with 3 DVD’s on top to rest the camera on and a wad of kitchen towel under the front to level it up. Sounds professional eh? Hahaha! What the hell, I got the shots as you can see and both me and Jane are over the moon with them.

Read into this what you will…

After a full year of deliberating, I finally decided to buy myself a present, and as I was visiting my friends Ellie and John in Wiltshire, it was delivered today to their house. This is it:

A book
A book?

A book I hear you ask? Well yes, and if you notice, a little dog eared too, it’s not even a new book. The most obvious wear is the base of the spine. However, it’s a very nice book . The picture in the middle is actually a page inside, and the ‘window’ is cut out of the card of the book cover. Along with the gilt lettering  think it’s a lovely design and when I was young, I probably would have read this just cos I liked how the book looked.

The story was made into a film of the same name, and it’s the only film of the few I’ve seen with Jim Carrey where I felt he fitted the role, and was able to act. Usually he’s just an idiot. Anyway, marvellous film which I thoroughly enjoyed, although I must be honest and say I didn’t read the book.

Why buy it then I hear you ask…well, here’s the revelation:

My Kindle
It’s a Kindle!

It’s a book, but it’s also a cover for my Kindle! I bought the book in Devizes in a second hand shop for a quid. Chosen purposefully for it’s size and the fact it’s a fairly robust hardback.  Why? Simple. You seen the price of covers for Kindles? Bloody disgusting, I refuse to pay it. But I wanted a way to protect my Kindle and also disguise it. Hiding it in a book was the perfect answer.

Kindle packaging
Insert from the Kindle packaging

Making it was simple. A small smear of PVA glue on each page, from a large bottle I bought in Poundland, left to dry, then the hole cut out using a craft knife from a set I bought in Poundland. The white frame you can see is from the original Kindle packaging. I used that as a template to carve the pages out, then used more PVA to glue it into place. I deliberately left as much margin without glue as I could at the edges of the pages in order for it to look more realistic when it’s closed.

It’s a little rough and ready as I rushed it, but it certainly works. In use it’s fine, although I may glue a little Velcro at the top and bottom as sometimes if I carry it by the spine it can fall open.

Yes I know, don’t carry it by the spine! :p



My Kindle
My Kindle!

For those of you who haven’t seen one, this is what the Kindle looks like. The screen is about an inch small than a standard paperback size, which is a shame, but it’s light enough and easy enough to operate and as you can see from even this small picture, easy to read.

If the battery lasts a month then they must have measured that by reading no more than 1 hour per day or something, as it lasts me about a week to a fortnight. I do read a lot though.  I’m currently reading the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant again as I’ve juts got the last 3 books in e-book format.

I’m quite amazed at myself as I love books so much: the smell, the feel, the glorious covers, the ease of navigation. However, the only thing I do miss on the Kindle is the ease of whacking back a few pages to check something. It’s fairly easy to do, but not as quick as a real book. This is of course offset by the positives such as, a built in dictionary. With the press of a button you can find the definition of any word.  I’m totally and utterly sold on it already and I don’t know why it took me a year to buy one!

Ps: If you buy any brand of E-reader, you need a free program called Calibre!