New wheels!

My shiny new Vanco 100’s…they feel sooooo good….they drive sooooo well, but I woke to a puncture this morning! I Googled a tyre place which as it happened was about 2 miles from me. Thank God for internet enabled smartphones! I do like my HTC Desire C now, even though it’s slower than a hole boat with no sails stranded on the beach .

So off I popped and he said the valve had gone. Most likely they had not changed it when they put the new tyres on. Hmmm!! However on investigating further, he noted that in fact the weld that included the hole for the valve was corroded. He asked if I had had a flat on that wheel before and indeed I had. Bad Tyrespot for not spotting that. Very good ATS Barrow-in-Furness for not only spotting it, but taking the tyre off the wheel, swapping it with the spare and bagging up my wheel to take to Peugeot who are only about 2 miles away.

It’s not a Robins and Day Peugeot so I drove over to get some new wheels and guess what? £113 each plus VAT! WTF??? I phoned Perthshire caravans as when I was there last year I noticed some 15 inch ones in for £35 but sadly they had none left. I finally found some at for only £44 each. Cheaper than some breaker yards wanted for second hand ones. I rang ATS and asked if the wheels could be delivered there and they were fine with that. Good work ATS! So I ordered 2 from Tyreleaders but when I went to check out it did not give me a delivery time as it said it would Grrr. Since ordering them too I’ve found out there’s a measurement called an ‘offset’ and mine could be 115 or 130. I contacted Tyreleaders but they’re in Germany and I got no response from them. So, I’m left not knowing when my new wheels are coming, and not knowing if they’re the correct ones. LOL isn’t life exciting!

The door to hell

Stupid door hinge! A few years ago I bought a new hinge for the habitation door from Glossop caravans as one of them was sticking and was pulling the rivets away form the fly screen. It’s a double hinge, fly-screen and door combined. I did ask on a couple of forums if they could be lubricated but oddly no-one had a definitive answer. The thing is they have plastic caps which almost prevents access to the hinge pin, so I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Anyway it’s been sticking again for some time and it’s quite frustrating because the rivets have come out of the fly screen again. So I set about trying to lubricate it. After a feeble attempt I snapped the plastic cover but on the plus side, I got some WD 40 in lol now it’s moving lovely so I’m well chuffed. I got some double length rivets too as I noticed when the old ones came out, they weren’t really long enough to get proper purchase on the metal. I’ll do that tomorrow and hope that’s the end of my hinge problems.

I also rang the excellent Perthshire caravans who stock the netting used for the fly-screen. It’s torn cos silly Jack when he was young kept forgetting it was there and trying to barge out of the open door lol Relly funny to watch but the netting is hanging loose now and very unsightly.

Speaking of doors, I also note that every winter the rubber seal that goes all the way around tends to shrink which mean the corners come away and hang about an inch from the frame. I think I’m going to just make a cut near the lock and see if they allows me to put it back into place. I’ll keep you posted 🙂