Vodafone…can they actually get any worse?

I’ve posted many times about cheating lying Vodafone on here, and how they ripped me off. However I retained one dongle as it was pay as you go, and also the deal when I got it was that your money didn’t expire at the end of each month like most. I’ve only used it as a backup so over the last 2 years I’ve taken it out twice, and both times the signal was unusable.

However this time I took it out and the tried to use it and it asked me to top up. I checked my credit and it was over £13. The only way to contact Vodafone customer support is an expensive 087 line so I was forced to call that and be told that all their tariffs are changing, and now I can only buy as a minimum 250mb for £5. That’s the lowest you can spend. Not only that, but if I top the dongle up it only lasts a month. Can they do that? Clearly they can, cos they have.

I decided not to argue as their service is so crap anyway I’ve not been able to use it for years. Sad to see the best company in the UK turn into the worst. I won’t grieve for them though 🙂

Mobile madness!!

Is it just me that finds the deals on mobile phones an utter maze?

My Vodafone (spit) PAYG SIM is staying for the evenings as it has stop the clock. So my rate is 20p per minute, so 60p gets me an hour. So, if I top up £20, I get 33.3 hours or 200o minutes for that £20. Assuming I don’t text of course.

So today I got an asda SIM. It works off the Vodafone network, but has a flat rate of 8p per minute all the time to everywhere.  So if you used 2000 minutes on that it would be 16,000p or £160. Mmmm.

So, use Vodafone SIM for the evenings for stop the clock, and the ASDA SIM for during the day at cheap rates. Seems like a good plan to me cos I have 2 phones.