Newcastle and Gateshead quayside

I was going through some photos to give to someone and I found one that’s never seen the light of day, so to justify it’s living space on my hard drive I decided to show it here.

It’s a photo of the Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside, showing the Baltic arts centre and Sage building, and also some of the bridges over the river Tyne including the new Millennium or ‘Blinking Eye’ bridge.

View from Ouseburn

Newcastle on Tyne Pride 2013

I attended the Newcastle on Tyne Pride yesterday, and stayed with it to Exhibition Park where they were jollities of all sorts. The atmosphere was like nothing else: excited, fun, friendly, inclusive, what a fantastic day.
I ended up taking over 1,600 photos so I’ll make a gallery on here when I get round to processing them all.

Finally got round to making a gallery! The difficult part was knowing which pictures to include as I loved them all!

Anyway, if you’re into photos, check these out: