My life

It’s 02:37 in the morning. I’ve been up doing stuff and watching Wild with Reece Witherspoon, and messing on Facebook, and I let the dog out for a quick wee.

I’m in a lay-by right next to Loch Ness. It’s pitch black and as quiet as the grave apart from the rushing water sound as there is a waterfall right next to me on the rock wall. It flows into a sump then under the road and into the loch.

It’s so peaceful and so nice and I go to sleep and wake up in places like this and it reminds me occasionally when I need it why I live this life of adventure. It’s definitely not an easy life at times but neither is anyone’s. However it’s the best life I’ve had and I can’t imagine living any other way now.

I was speaking to a work colleague earlier, she’d like to begin a relationship with me but as I said to her what do I have to offer, living in a van and travelling around most of the time. She’s a lovely woman, very pretty and smart and I’d jump at the chance of a date normally but this life I lead transcends such things. I think I’d have to write a whole novel to try and explain what I get from it. Even after 8 years I sometimes find new things myself.

I think I titled this blog correctly, it probably will be the last great adventure I’ll have in my life.