Snowdon view

A view of Snowdon from Llanberis
Snowdon view

I took this from Llanberis car park, that’s Snowdon in the background. I feel quite attached to the place since I went up, it’s good to have achievements in your life, especially when you work very hard for them. I like it round here, I recall from way back in 1995 when I worked in mental health and I was tenting around the country on days off. That’s why I came back but I never knew then that Snowdon was here or so accessible.

Picture of an orange haired boy looking after bright yellow boats on a lake
Yellow boats, orange hair

This scene caught my attention because of the bright yellow boats, and the bright orange hair of the young lad operating them. His hair almost matched the interior of the boats. A little splash of colour is always nice during the day 🙂

Snowdon summit

A view of a steep cliff on Snowdon
View from Snowdon

I found this amazing view on the way up Snowdon today. I’ve long wanted to climb Snowdon but due to being  a life-long smoker and the way my legs are with sitting for a living, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever do it.

This view is of the Pyg and Miner’s tracks as they converge, looking east from the Llanberis path. This section is a sheer drop and probably one of the biggest I’ve ever seen.

Picture from summit of Snowdon
Snowdon summit

This is a view from the summit. I actually can’t believe I got here! You can see all the way south to Harlech, and north to Anglesey. This is a major achievement for me and I must do it again!

The only way I managed it was by walking as much as I could and stopping for a rest. But by the halfway point I was knackered. Sometimes I wasn’t going more than 50 yards before stopping again, then resting for 2-3 minutes before starting up. It took a long time to get there but I am so pleased I’ve done it. I climbed Ben Nevis way back in 1995 or something so this is the second highest peak in the UK conquered now.

Oh…and my legs are not aching at all!


Yawn … satellite not working

Picture of colourfully painted shops in Llanberis

Well I’m having a fantastic time here in Llanberis, it’s a shame that the rig isn’t. It failed to connect yet again and Nick is now not answering his phone most times I call. Barry Lieberman still calls, to ask for his £70 a month connectivity fee.

Thank God for the Vodafone USB modem! It was supposed to be a backup but it’s my main form of communication with the internet and work now!
So much for Ethnet ‘guaranteeing’ to make things work. The fact that they won’t answer the phone anymore kind of says they’ve given up on it.

Anyway, this is a view of Llanberis high street, including the fabulous Pete’s Eats. If you’re hungry this is the place to go: real tasty food at reasonable prices. It get’s crowded in the season but well worth the wait. I can also recommend the Chinese takeaway across the road 🙂

North Wales

Llanberis in North Wales
Llanberis in North Wales

Well Jo and I split in summer, on another trip to France. I took her back to the flat to sort her stuff out but I am in North Wales now. I’ll probably rent the flat once she’s out as I am too used to this lifestyle now to give it up. 
I guess it was inevitable, she likes her 9-5 and nice things, I like to travel. C’est la vie. 

I’ve not been taking many photos lately but I’ll start posting more soon. 

Some coos
Some coos