Help the Irish

Currently in a service area just south of Amsterdam having some lunch and got a knock on the door. A young boy asks if I can help his family then gets back in the car. I go out and the man driving says he is Irish and disabled and has just now been robbed of everything from his car. He is trying to get back home to Ireland and can I help him out in some way. He has no money to get home.

I checked the car which was indeed Irish registered but said he ought to contact the police and the embassy as he was the third Irishman to tell me that story in the last 2 days. That was a fib, but his response was epic as he glibly replied “I think someone must hate the Irish and I don’t know why we’re all great people. “

As I went to get back into my van he spotted the slightly dented door lock which from 10 feet away was a superhuman feat, and said “Oh looks like someone tried to steal your van?” In other words he was checking my locks out.

BEWARE of these kinds of scams!! A handful of kids in the back and a fake disabled badge should not elicit sympathy from these people. Have a reply ready that you’re comfortable with but don’t be tempted to be aggressive because it’s likely there are more of them around.