Christmas Scrooge

As some of you know, I’ve had a miniature Christmas tree on my dashboard for about 3 years now. It’s been through 3 MOT’s, and I recently bought new decorations and lights for it. But today this nob head copper decides to blue light me leaving a local shopping park, and insists I take it down, on the grounds that “your view of the road is, in my opinion impaired.”
I replied that due to my high seating position in my camper, I probably had a much better view of the road than he did in his car. We argued for a few seconds til he pulled his trump card, saying “take it down now and we’ll forget all about it, or I’ll ticket you and you’ll be fined and get 3 points on your licence.”
Of course I had no choice but to take it down there and then, probably by doing so, giving him something to wank over tonight.

My Xmas treeHere’s my tree, complete with angel 🙂

Odd that you can be pulled for having a Christmas tree on your dashboard, but offering a very rigid finger to a cop as you drive away seems not to be an arrestable offence….