No more flies!

Fly trap
Fly trap

Yes my friends, this small, sun-like disc of sticky plastic is my new best friend.

This is the chemical warfare of the future.

This is the thing that will release me from my daily burden.

This my friends, is Fly Death Star!

I sit each and every night in the heat, frustrated that I have to open the windows because I know THEY will invade. I despise flies and why scientists haven’t found a way to make them extinct I don’t know. They serve no purpose!!

I actually sat one night, covered in insect repellent, a tin of RAID spray in my hand, trying to squirt each and every one of them as I worked on the laptop.

So I set off looking for one of those tape type fly-catchers, a spiral of sticky stuff that hangs from the ceiling and traps the unwary fly for eternity in a gooey death. I never did find one but, I did find these stickers from RAID. I don’t know what they do because they’re in French but, I saw the name RAID and thought they’ll do.

So the idea is you stick them on your window, and they keep the flies away. Yeah right I thought, but I’ll try anything once so I put one at the front  and one at the back.

Now here’s the weird bit. They are only slightly sticky, so there’s no flies stuck to them, but there’s been no flies in here for the last 2 days. I have seen the odd one, then it’s disappeared. Whether it dropped down dead, was transported to another dimension or simply buggered off I don’t know but I do know that not one fly has stayed in here for longer than a minute or two!

So I am in heaven! This is fantastic! For €3 I am fly free! All praise to the mighty RAID guys and thank you!