Skye is awesome

After Christmas I decided to just keep on going. So I travelled over to Falkirk to see the Kelpies

Falkirk Kelpies
The Falkirk Kelpies

which you can see here. They’re the most amazing thing, costing £7 million to build and standing 60 metres tall. I got there late as they’re not at the Falkirk wheel as I thought but the Helix park a couple of miles away. I’d just shut the door of the van after taking photos when the lights went out so nicely timed.


Glen Coe
Glen Coe

I then went over to Rannoch moor as it’s one of my fave places and is on the way to Skye anyway. I was lucky enough to catch a deep hoarfrost, but no snow. This is as you leave Rannoch Moor and head down into Glencoe village. I came back the next day and stayed 2 days waiting for snow, but all I got was rain 🙁


Loch Garry
Loch Garry

Never mind I carried on stopping the night here and there, this shot was taken at Loch Garry. I tried to capture the moon lighting the Loch but it was bitterly cold and blowing a gale so I didn’t do very well. I’ve decided I need a new tripod but as it’s going to be over £300 I may have to wait a few paydays lol…or sell a kidney!


Castle Moil
Castle Moil

The weather was appalling and I stayed up a night to get some first light photos at Kyleakin. This is a shot of Castle Moil which some of you may remember I’ve been to before. I used the Hitech 10 stop filter on this, a slight colour cast but nothing too bad, however once I’d fixed the cast I decided to make it a little bluer as it looked nice.

My hands were so numb here that it was actually a struggle to put the gear away and I somehow managed to lose my cable release tut.

Never mind worse things have happened to people and tomorrow I’m off to Malasaig.

The Isle of Skye is indeed quite awesome and no-one should miss out on a visit here.

Merry Christmas!!!

It’s Christmas morning, and this is my 8th Christmas in the van now. I decided to leave Bamburgh and come north and I am now sitting in view of the Forth bridge in Fife. I hope this weekend to get some photos of the new bridge construction before moving to Falkirk for more photos of the wheel.

The van’s old problem of non-starting is back again *sigh* I turn the key and it flat out refuses to start. I can try continually and it may or may not start eventually, and over the years there’s been no clue as to what causes it. However my fire works great, the fridge appears to be working and at least I am moving again.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and Santa is kind to you 🙂