Electricians bad asses?

I joined a Facebook group for electricians called Electrician Q & A. The perfect place to get some advice on issues with the batteries and inverter. Within minutes I had been called a spastic, then told to get fucked by someone else! lol
Most members appeared to be Australian and clearly didn’t want to help, they simply wanted to troll.
So, is you want electrical advice, don’t go to the Facebook group of Electrician Q & A unless you’ve got your hard hat on!

It’s all been going on!

I’ve been exploring the excellent Herrington Country Park with my kids lately. It was a working colliery with one of the biggest spoil heaps in Europe. Now it’s a country park with lakes, gardens, meadow, forests, outdoor sculptures and wildlife abounding. Swans are on the nest as we speak.
It’s  great place to walk, cycle, jog, or simply picnic.

Anyway, I was selling off unneeded photographic stuff and making reasonable money. (Up your arse ebay…I did it all on Facebook and used Transpact.com for a fixed fee of £2.99, unlike you greedy robbing bastards!)
Such reasonable money that I got carried away and sold my Canon 5D Mark II lol As most of you know though I’ve had 5 of these cameras now and they’re  a pile of crap so I’m looking at the Nikon D800 and the Canon 5D Mark III. Decisions decisions!

I’ll post when I work out what I’m going to buy.