Dust to dust…

Whilst visiting Evreux I found a camera shop so decided to see what could be done about the horrendous marks appearing on all of my photos. I know what’s causing them, it’s dust and debris on the sensor. The problem is try as I might, I don’t seem able to get rid of them. So, I bought this dust kit:


As you can see, €72.90 so not cheap at all, nut necessary. All of my photo are being ruined.

Anyway, what you do is you take the plastic ‘spatula’ which fits your camera, wrap one of these special cloths around the end, soak it with special fluid, and wipe the sensor. Hey presto they claim, it cleans your sensor perfectly.  In fact what it does is, it leaves abrasion marks on the low-pass filter which covers the sensor and therefore renders it permanently useless. I haven’t got a spare couple of thousand quid to replace it, so now I got a permanently damaged camera. Great.

My advice, don’t touch these kits with a bargepole.