Dust is the enemy!

Dust kit
Dust kit

Earlier, I complained about a cleaning brush I’d bought from Jessops. The post is here if you wish to read it.

As a result I had to buy the kit pictured here. I finally found one in Evreux and it cost me a massive €73. The guy who sold it to me emphasized that there were 50 wipes in the kit so it should last a good while. Indeed there are and once used you can re-use them as lens wipes, or safe wipes for your spectacles, so you do get value from the kit.

However it’s become an almost daily thing, cleaning my sensor. I’m not quite sure where I’m going wrong, but I clean the sensor thoroughly then the next day there are marks on my photos again. One appeared from nowhere and I almost had to scrub the sensor with the cleaning fluid to get it clean.

I’ve thoroughly cleaned again tonight so I’ll see what tomorrow brings but I’m starting to think there’s a problem somewhere 🙁