The Drain monster is exposed…it’s a Coypu!

I know what the drain monster is!

We went to the park this morning as usual and although as we approached we hear the usual thud/splash as they presumably jumped off the pipes and into them, when we got to the drain we could see them!

The one in the west pipe has all of it’s tail out, and the one in the south pipe, top right of the video, you can just see it’s grizzly, grey old snout which moves slightly at one point.


Some time ago I recall an article in a local news service which described how a Durham man had come across a giant, mutant rat and killed it. The article explored what may have led to this genetic mutation to make a rat grow to 40 pounds and almost 4 feet long. It looked very much like the giant water rats that we saw as kids and were always fearful of as we swam in the river. ¬†However you know what kids’ memories can be like…

A Coypu showing off it's orange incisors

Anyway. they’re not rats, and they’re not that giant really, I think they’re Coypus. I’m also willing to bet that this is what bit Jack the other week. The wounds he had were much larger than the rat bites he’d had in the past, and I’ve never seen a rat take a dog on. Even when cornered a rat may bite in passing as it tries to escape but it won’t stand and bite a dog twice.
That’s what happened to Jack so I assume he met one of these down the first tunnel and it was protecting it’s own home. Note the snout and compare it with the one in the video.

A small Coypu

If you look at this one too you can see the tail. Compare it with the tail of the one in the video. You can see why they are thought of as giant rats, but apparently they can make great pets if born in captivity and tamed!

Anyway, mystery over. The drain monster is in fact…A Coypu.