Bye bye Frontline

The biggest tick I've ever seen.
A normal sized tick and a huge one that I got out of Jack’s ears.

Whilst in France recently I stopped in a layby to make tea and Jack went outside to play. He came back with 3 ticks, one of them the most enormous I’ve ever seen. He’s Frontlined regularly so I was unsure how this could happen so I went to consult a vet. Apparently Frontline no longer works effectively according to the French vet, and a Seresto collar is much cheaper and lasts for up to 8 months at a time for €32.

When I got back to the UK I checked all of this out and apparently there is also an Seresto tablet. However the tablet does not stop ticks biting it only puts them off once they have. The collar actually prevents them biting in the first place. The UK vet also charged £32 so I got one there and then.

Mind you if you don’t travel outside the UK Frontline may still be effective for you. Jack has never had a tick or flea since we started using it. But it is massively expensive!

Seresto collar
Seresto collar

The other thing to consider is Leishmaniasis. This is an infection after being bitten by a sand fly and is currently incurable in dogs, While manageable, it can easily lead to death in some dogs. Scalibor is currently the only collar that prevents sand fly bites and it’s relatively cheap at about £17 for a collar that lasts about 6 months. As we’re headed off to Spain and Portugal where most sand flies are prevalent I’ll be getting Jack one before we leave.

Welcome Jack :)

Dog stands by lake watching swans
Jack swanning about

Jack seems to have taken to life in the van as if he was born to it, (which he almost was!) and he appears to be content. He’s playing  a lot, sleeping even more, and chewing me loads! I’ve been to get him chipped by  vet in Skelton, who didn’t even have a debit card machine and sent me off to the post office to get some cash. I told him the lifestyle I lead living in my van and traveling here and there, he stated he could see no harm that would come to the dog and then started the long process of inoculations, checks, worming etc etc that a new puppy has to go through.

Once that was all complete I decided to have the weekend in Ullswater as it’s one of my favourite places. I parked in Glenridding and took Jack to the lake for his first visit. As you can see, his instincts are all in place. I was not sure whether he wanted to play with the swans or eat them, although the swans seemed sure of the latter so they stayed a healthy distance away.

Must get rid of that awful collar. I’ve never understood how people can try and control animals with a thing round their neck. I’d like a decent harness for him.
As you can see below he’s not frightened either! He loves people and other dogs, he’s just so sociable. He’s settling in nicely too, I don’t think I’m going to regret getting him.

Jack meets a Jack Russell and makes friends
Jack making friends

Say hello to Jack

Picture of my new dog sitting on the chair.

Is this the cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen! My boss has one of these they’re known as Patterdale terriers. The breeder is in Cartmel in the Lake District and after seeing hers I decided this was the one I wanted. I’ve done enough research and he won’t grow very big. Fuck you! to all the rescue centres who turned me down, mostly cos I don’t have a fenced in garden! How restrictive your policies are! In fact one of them laughed at me down the phone when I explained I lived in a van. Well I’ve got my puppy and he’s going to have a fab life so your loss all of the ones I telephoned.

I’d spent about 2 hours with the breeder playing with the remaining 3 puppies and their Mum. They all decided it was bedtime so Mum laid down and the pups and snuggled in for a nap with her. Not Jack. No he was jumping all over me wanting to play still! He was a little bit cheeky too so I decided on that basis he was the dog for me. He’s the most adorable little thing.

Anyway that’s his little toy that the breeder gave me as he seems attached to it.

Picture of a dog lying asleep beside it's owner
Jack asleep beside me

I was sitting watching him playing on the floor and I had a JD in my hand, and I realised that he is almost the same colour as a neat Jack Daniels. So…my puppy is called Jack 🙂 Jack is 9 weeks old and too small to get on and off the sofa at the moment, so he stays on it most of the time with me. When I work he lies down beside me and sleeps peacefully. This is him crammed in between my leg and the sofa back as I work on the laptop.  Awww!

If only I had a fence…

I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a long time, what breed I would get, what size, if it would be healthy traveling in the van, loads of issues to consider. I started ringing around rescue centres to find out what kind of small dogs they had.

I found  a pattern amongst all of them: they require you to have a fenced in garden of  a certain size, or they won’t let you have a dog. Obviously that precludes me instantly, living in a motorhome as I do. So I decided to explain to a few of them why I did not have a fence, and I was astonished that 1 woman went to get her manager, who when I explained I lived in a motorhome, began to laugh and said no way would she let a dog live under those conditions.

I understand that they want to ensure their dogs go to good homes, but a good home is not necessarily measured by having a garden fence. I think that’s a silly rule with no real thought given to it.
So I’ve decided to go to the breeder in Cartmel where my boss bought hers from. He breeds Patterdale Terriers and I’ve decided it’s the perfect sort of dog to live the life I do.

I’ll keep you posted.