Van service

The burner has not arrived yet so I agreed to a habitation check. It was only £85 so I felt that wasn’t a bad price given that my cupboards are full and it will be difficult to carry it out.
I remember to ask the owner about the French adaptor ring for the Gaslow filler. It and the Italian adaptor live in the gas compartment where the bottles are and it’s disappeared. He instantly came back with “My lads don’t take things out of vans.” I resented him thinking that I’d meant they’d ‘taken’ it, I didn’t and explained that when you open the gas locker door sometimes they fall out, so can they have a look in the workshop and see if it’s there.

I really didn’t like his attitude and decided on instinct that I didn’t like this man. However, they did the check and said there were slight signs of damp in one corner of the van. However they had left things lying around that they’d pulled out of cupboards, and they had not tested in the overcab bunk at all. I got my book stamped but I felt like I’d wasted £84 + the extra half hour of labour they charged for some reason.
Hopefully the fire gets fixed next week anyway.