Crash update

What a run around. The one armed instructor who owns the car that ran into me didn’t answer my calls or respond to voice mail at all. I knew he wanted to settle cash and after taking the van into Camper NE they confirmed the repairs would indeed be around the £3,500 mark.  Although that’s a lot of money I still wanted to give him the opportunity to pay it if he wanted to but he still wasn’t answering my calls.
I phoned his company who he had not informed of the crash and when I called them again later he had clearly lied to them saying he had spoken  to me and arranged something about insurance, which he had not.
I felt like I was dropping him in it but what could I do?
I’m sure not giving insurance details is a criminal offence so I checked with the police who confirmed that was the case then left one more voice mail for him informing him that if he did not contact me I would report him and the police would visit.
Minutes later he rang…LOL

So, the upshot of the conversation was that he’d already informed his insurance company but not bothered to let me know and he then said “Our business is over now so I don’t want you ringing me anymore.” WTF?? I reminded him that I’d delayed my own calls to insurance and tried hard to contact him to do him a favour!
The moral of the story is, never do a favour for a one armed driving instructor!

Anyway, all is in order now and Camper NE say it  may be weeks before they get the parts they need as at 11 years old my van is ‘obsolete’ lol Once they get the parts it will take a whole week to repair so I’ll be lodging with someone for that period.
I hope it all goes smoothly.

Crash, bang, wallop what a picture!

Well what an interesting day. It started out pretty normal really, having a cuppa with my niece then starting work at 4 pm. At 5:21 pm though it all changed when a learner driver crashed into me!

Broken computer
Broken computer

There I was working away on the computer and minding my own business when there was an almighty bang, and the computer lifted in the air, dropped down onto the keyboard then fell onto the floor. Bye bye computer! You can see from this shot the keyboard missing a key, the legs were also broken off the back. The computer screen is totally shattered. It’s an all in one computer, not just a monitor.

I had been aware of the learner reverse parking around me for some time. It’s common practise on Team Valley trading estate for learners to practise all their manoeuvres and I’m fairly used to it however this one was distracting and I’ve no idea why. When I felt the bang I knew instantly what it was.

Broken bumper
Broken bumper

I thought initially her foot had slipped off the clutch, however I found out later that the car was an automatic so how she managed to ram me so hard when the instructor had dual controls I’ll never know.

You can see the broken light cluster here, and the red marks on the bumper denote where I had repaired the fibreglass last year. It’s split now everywhere where I repaired it and many other places too.

Broken van 2
Broken van 2

The metal strip above the bumper denotes where the floor is and that whole section is bowed inwards. If you look in this photo you can see that the compression of the bumper had also pushed in the wood structure behind it and folded and creased the aluminium skin. It’s not apparent but it’s also dislodged the gas locker. It’s the same on the other side, so that whole skirt and wheel arch assembly needs to be renewed on both sides.

There’s also a weather baffle that was ripped off and some other bits and pieces. I reckon it’s going to cost about £3,500 to repair.

When I went outside the learner didn’t seem that upset really, and the instructor who got out of the car was about 8 feet tall and only had one arm. He kept looking at the damage ans asking “What do you want to do?” I said “Well as you’re asking so much what is it you want me to do?” He clearly wanted to settle cash but when I said I guessed it would cost about £3500 in repairs he changed his mind and said he would ring me later with insurance details that he could not remember. Hmmm.

Anyway so I told him if he rang the next day I’d let him know an estimate of repair costs as I was headed up to a place that repaired campers then he could make his decision. He seemed happy with that and shook my hand with his left hand (the only one he had) and off they went.


Weather or not

The weather is still awful and the power is still out on the whole of Skye and an awful lot of the mainland too.  There’s absolutely no value sitting there as I’m wasting time doing bugger all, so off I popped to Inverness for a variety of things I need anyway.

On the way the weather turned even worse and I saw some skid marks in the snow exactly like I’d done some years ago: they skidded slowly to the wrong side of the road, then as the driver (obviously a lorry) corrected it skidded the other way. I was just thinking that he must have been shitting himself as I was when that happened but he managed to get himself straight I noticed a few hundred yards or so later.
Then I turned a corner and there he was, double log trailer, lying on its side in the ditch. Oops!

It took a while to stop but I reversed back and he was sitting by the cab so I got out and asked if he was alright. He said yes and he seemed it but said it would be about an hour before any recovery would come. I told him to come inside and get a cuppa but he refused and said he was fine, which was ridiculous as it was freezing, snowing and blowing a houly and he’d just totalled his hytt and trailer. I said come on, people act funny sometimes when they’ve had a shock, just sit with me and have a coffee for 10 minutes.
He said in broad Scottish accent “Och I act funny all the fucking time so you’d ne’er know if I was in shock laddie!”

I decided he was right so I left him to it and went on my merry way.

Later at Inverness I popped into Aldi and guess what they had? That’s right…a small, 12 volt dehumidifier! What’s the chances hhahaa

Sadly I went to Halfords though and they had none of the bike covers I’ve had off them for the last 7 years.