Caravan clinic has had it

I came back to the Caravan Clinic and the boss got the gas fitter to come to talk to me. His only comment really was that the regulator was already loose. Well, that’s not really the point.
He didn’t even argue when I said I’d watched him bashing the rod and bending it, or the gauge being missing or anything else. He just kind of stood there and looked.
The boss sent him away and told me that if I left the van for 4-5 hours they’d sort it all out and reimburse me for the lost filler adaptor. I hadn’t banked on such a long time so I said I’d have to come back the week after. I was still angry.

However after I left I got to thinking about it and I decided I’d had enough and didn’t want to go back there. How much more damage could they do?
If they’re so careless with peoples’ van’s then what other damage might occur? I’m sure I can replace the gauges and the adaptor and fix the regulator back to the wall. I can also fix the fire as I’ve dismantled it in the past anyway. I redid all the hoses and found one which had no rubber seal, which explained why my gas hadn’t lasted at all. So I popped a spare in and tidied the whole thing up.

Caravan Clinic? I’d have been better off taking my van to a vet and have it groomed! I’ll never go back there again and stick with my instincts next time.


So, the van was back at Caravan Clinic today to get the burner fitted but I’m unhappy with them. The gas fitter asked me to look at something and I can’t even recall what it was now, but I decided to watch him for a few minutes and he was having a good old bash at the connecting rod for the gas valve cos he couldn’t get it into place. I only stayed a short time and left him to it.

Later when I tested it, the rod was so bent it wouldn’t work, and the top casing of the fire was loose. Not only that but the control wire for the fan had not been tucked away so would have melted, and some of the metal reflector was loose and bent. Really not a very good job at all and clearly the fitter had taken not much care of my fire. Mentally I cursed him and wished that next time he pulled in a pub it would be a lady boy. That’ll teach him.

However worse was to come…
I went to fill the gas and it leaked everywhere when I tried to fill. Clouds billowed out form the gas locker  and excuse me, but I almost shit myself! You don’t mess with gas! I closed the bottles and drove off somewhere to take them all out and within an hour I was horrified.

The regulator is affixed to the rear wall of the locker and attached to a gas pipe. Both screws had been pulled out so the regulator was hanging free, and when I got the bottles out the pipe was so bent that the regulator fell forward about a foot. The stainless hose on the left bottle was all twisted and the actual valve on the top was loose! I checked the other bottle and it was fine but I thought that’s what leaked, the valve was so loose but, why would it be? I eventually surmised he’d not been able to get the bottle out, so he’d yanked it hard several times and this had twisted the steel hose so badly that the leverage loosened the actual filler valve. Obviously that’s what has detached the regulator from the rear wall too. I was livid, he clearly had had no respect at all for my van and had damaged it, and it was impossible for him not to know it was damaged. The fixing bracket and one screw for the regulator was on the floor of the cabinet.

Oh but that’s not all. When I got the second bottle out I noticed that one of the gauges that fit onto the bottles was missing. They are attached via small plastic clips and one was broken and lying on the floor of the cabinet, and the other one simply wasn’t there. These are a colourful dial about the size of a 50p piece, an 1/8th inch thick and with a plastic bracket to fit to the bottle. It’s impossible not to have seen it lying where it must have fallen or been knocked off. So, he may have knocked it off by accident, but he realised it was broken and decided to simply throw it away.

And there’s more…..there was a little brass cap on the floor of the locker too. It puzzled me for a while til I realised it was the cap from the test valve which is attached to the pipe below the regulator. No wonder the gas poured out when I tried to fill it! I cringed inside when I thought of the potential danger that could have caused.
All in all this was a disgusting job and could have had serious consequences.

I contacted the Caravan Clinic the next day  and explained at length everything that had gone wrong. He said he would need to have a look at it so…next Monday it is…