Aurora Borealis!!

I had been to Tesco then drove to Gateshead where I was parking for the night and got myself comfy ready to watch a DVD. I noticed though on Facebook people were talking about the Aurora. I read a few posts and one of them was a guy talking to his pal, saying “Get yourself over there now, it’s still going on!”

I was galvanised! It’s a little dream of mine to see the aurora ever since I first read about it as a very young boy, so I packed everything away and sped off to South Shields. Marsden grotto pub car park is reasonably high and views north, so I pulled up there and there was definitely aurora light in the sky! Green, red and magenta, although nothing usable came out of the camera. I met a bloke there who turned out to be a member of th Facebook group which I admin, Let’s Talk Photography Northeast.  We spent about an hour and a half before giving up but as we left I decided on a whim to drive up to Bamburgh in Northumberland.


I was not disappointed!

As you can see it’s not the best aurora photo in the world, but its mine…and I saw it…and a boyhood dream is achieved. To me it’s the most magical photo I’ve taken in ages and I am proud to put it on my blog.


Well I got to Bamburgh safely despite some flooded roads, but on parking, got caught in some wire hidden in deep grass and ripped half of the bumper clean off the van. Everything from the left side of the number plate was lying on the ground.
So tonight I’ve tried repairing it using for the first time a fibreglass kit. I need some wood from somewhere to repair the side panel too, as the bumper screws into this, and there’s a section about 8 inches wide torn into pieces. I’m sure I can find some tomorrow from somewhere.
Wish me luck!


**Update. First time I’ve used fibreglass repair, it’s a doddle! Bumper now repaired and back on, although not fixed properly. I’ll wait til better weather to do it right 🙂