Le Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel at night
Le Mont St Michel

I’ve been wanting to visit Mont St Michel for a long time. I saw it ages ago in some magazine or other and I loved the idea of it. The photo was a night shot much like the one here, so I hope mine inspires someone to see Mont St Michel as that photo years ago inspired me.

This blog is not intended to be a history resource, so I can tell you only that the rock that sits on the sea bed was chosen to build an abbey on as it was easy to fortify and was separate from the mainland, often being cut off by the tide.  Of course once the abbey was built so came all the attendant buildings for people to live in, shops, chapel, cemetery etc.

It’s an amazingly beautiful place and well worth a visit. I went during the late afternoon and early evening and wandered around the entire rock, although the abbey was closed by the time I got there. I returned after tea to see it on an evening and it’s very atmospheric and pretty. The tat shops are shut of course but the restaurants are open and if you can afford them they look very nice. Most are attached to hotels but I didn’t price them.

You can walk along the old walls, picnic in a park, and if you hunt around you can find an alleyway that is slightly hidden, helped by the fact it’s only about 16 inches wide. There are many little hidden corners but that’s the smallest I found. Some of the roofs still have wooden shingles and they’ve done quite a good job of making the modern fit with the old. I went back the following day but missed the abbey again and I was leaving that day, so it’s something to return for.

I love old quaint things and this is about as good as it gets, I wasn’t disappointed.