Radiator brackets fitted

One of the new radiator brackets
One of the new radiator brackets

When I was at Molyneuxs I noticed the lad was leaning against the front of the van and the radiator was moving quite a lot. When I had a closer look there was a metal bracket with a rubber bush inside holding it to the upper cross member. The rubber as barely staying inside the bracket, it was clearly old and worn out. 
I found a please on the other side where a second bracket should have been, but there was nothing there.

That surprised me as the radiator was replaced brand new at Brotzner Automobile after it sprung a leak in Austria. So given that they charged me a whopping €427 for a new radiator you’d think they would have put a couple of new brackets on eh? Especially as they were only I think £4 each from Guy Perry Peugeot dealer in Barrow. 
Interestingly the brackets were a few £’s but the 2 bolts each bracket needed only came in packs of 5 and 10, so would have cost me nearly £60 or so. Even more oddly a random Peugeot dealer in Canterbury sold me the 4 bolts separate for about 60p each the week after. Hmmm. 

Anyway, they’re on now so that’s one more job done.

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