Arcade, Spain and aires

I’d never heard of Arcade in Spain and only came here as I found a parking place for motorhomes in an app I use called Search For Sites. SFS as most of us call it is a website and app put together by the motorhome community. One man runs the site and has commissioned the app, but what it does it allow everyone to contribute to it by adding sites both paid and free where motorhomes can park, reviewing them and uploading photos of the ‘aires’ as they’re commonly known and maybe things of interest around it. 

Aire is simply French for area and in France there are very many areas especially in small communities set up for motorhomes to visit. Most have fresh water, some allow disposal of toilet waste and some also have electricity available. Aires can be aires de repos which might simply be a parking place on a motorway for a rest, or an aire de service which has any of the range of services mentioned.

They’re numerous in France but also in Germany where they’re called Stelplatz, Italy where they’re called Sostas and most other European countries. In Spain they’re also known as aires and they’re often managed by the local mayor, or a community organisation, or the city or even by a group of motorhome enthusiasts. Most communities recognise that if you offer a place to park with sometimes basic services you will get a steady stream of people visiting even out of season, and those people will spend money of course. Unlike the UK where local councils wish to monetise everything with unrealistically high prices much of the rest of Europe see free or very low cost aires as an excellent way to bring people into towns and cities for very little cost.

looking back to town from the prom
looking back to town from the prom

Anyway, I found the aire which is like many, one end of a public car park and is right on the promenade of an estuary. There’s a pitch where locals play a game very similar to petanque, a kids play park, a skateboard area and a harbour wall where the fishermen keep their boats. There’s an oyster festival annually in Spring and Arcade is famed for it’s oysters. Many of the cafes and restaurants sell shellfish and other sea foods although shellfish leave me cold and my love of seafood is limited to fresh crab and some fish. 

Arcade itself is quite a run down town. Everywhere you look there is waste land, empty and derelict buildings, places for rent and for sale and businesses that have closed down. Clearly it’s suffering economically although there is always plenty of people about and the shops that are open seem to do well. 

However, like most places, if you wander around enough you can find nice things. The beach is tiny, but nice enough and me and Jack loved playing on it many a time. There was only one day when it did not rain in Arcade, but we always managed a half hour at least on the beach. There’s also a lovely walk along the estuary which was very popular with locals too, so we enjoyed that many times. There’s a brand new launderette and a couple of garages but although one of them could easily have taken the camper, when I asked them to do the exhaust they said no. Oh well. 

Where I stayed: Arcade Aire de Autocaravanas, Pontevedra, Spain, 36690. N42.33944, W-8.61333. Toilet dump and fresh water.

Here’s a few shots I took while in Arcade. 

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